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The Valley, Brisbane

The Mustang Bar

633 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD
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Located in the heart of Brisbane’s nightlife district, Fortitude Valley, The Mustang Bar is an American style bar with DJ B*Rad (resident DJ) on the decks every night, live sports on 21 screens, a plethora of imported and local beers, arcade games, free pool ’til 10pm, open Fridays & Saturdays from 4pm to 5am.

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Mustang Bar Review

Review By Julia Taylor

Welcome to the Mustang bar. Entry is free. The line to get in is short. The music is great. The dance floor is huge. But that’s where my fun ended.

The Valley is Brisbane’s party central. Everything and anything goes on there. With so much variety there’s really no need to go to the Mustang Bar.

When I went, I was disappointed at how unorganised the place was.

The venue is huge, but the decor and layout made it feel small and cramped. In the middle of the venue are the pool tables. The DJ box is in front of the pool area and everything else is spread around from the middle out. Next to the pool tables are a few tables, chairs and Foosball game. Basically everything is clumped in the middle and you have to walked around.

The bar runs the whole length of the venue. The were no lines to the bar… just a crowd. Surprisingly getting drinks was reasonably fast, I think the longest I waited was little over five minutes. Drinks prices start from ($7) specials and ($7-$12) depending on what you drink. House spirits are around ($8) and shots vary.

Toilets are located at the end of the bar and I was advised to not sit on the toilet seat. When I went to wash my hands one of the sinks was clogged. The girl next to me almost got hit by the door as she stood at the sink, because the sink was directly behind the door.

As I pushed my way back through crowd a good song came on so I grabbed my friend and made for the huge dance floor. There was a lot of pushing and shoving going on, but all in all a decent dance. Finding a place to rest after the dance was the problem. In the club there was only a small amount of chairs for patrons making it impossible to chill out anywhere inside the venue.

There is an open area out the back of the bar for people who need to get away from the crowd and have a conversation. I didn’t quite get a good look out the back because it was too hard to walk through the masses again.

Mustang Bar is definitely a 18-30 year-old bar. But it is for people who don’t want to pay cover charge anywhere else. While the music was decent enough to listen to, the moments of frustration were not worth it. If you want to go with a group of people get there early so you can secure some space.

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