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About Us spawned from the belief that the nightlife experience should be shared. After extensive research, we identified a distinct lack of quality online nightlife content written “by nightlife enthusiasts, for nightlife enthusiasts,” despite bar and nightclub attendance being virtually ubiquitous amongst generation X and Y.

To realise this objective, we have assembled a team of dedicated individuals, whom work tirelessly to deliver exceptional quality content, innovative website features that is a click away. More than just a team, the family that is is focused on making our website the most best it can be, with failure simply not being an option.

With a flat organisational structure, there is no boss, no opinion more important than another and no unnecessary red tape to get in the way of becoming the “Number 1 Nightlife Content Provider In Australia”

As a result of our team and philosophy, our audience continues to rapidly grow month on month, and continues to move towards our organisational goal.

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