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The Marble Bar

109 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA
(08) 8231 4602
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One of the most versatile venues in the city. An institution with the uni crowd on Thursday, be early to avoid the line. Friday and Saturday expect to dance ’til 5am to Adelaide’s leading young talent on the decks spinning electro, house, indie, disco and everything in between. check out the posters for daily drink specials.

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Review of Marble Bar

Review By Laura Fazekas

Off the main nightclub strips of Adelaide is Marble Bar, a single storey purple painted building with a small sign and one door with not too much of a line. It is a small sized club which goes off on a Thursday and Saturday most often.

Marble is very dark inside as there are lots of hidden spaces, but the decor is nice with sky blue walls and ceiling, white and wood furniture, and a theme of circles which carries to the booths overlooking the dancefloor. There is an outside area with not much to it, and not many people actually go out there as drinks are not allowed.

The one time I had previously been to Marble was on a pub crawl on a Friday night. The place was dead, there was no ID check or cover charge and the bar staff didn’t know the drink specials so they gave us $6 base spirits. The house music was a bit quiet as there was no DJ and the atmosphere was bare with the occasional 20-something year old catching up with a mate. But I had always heard great things about the Uni crowd on Thursday nights, and decided to give it a go.

I went on a Thursday night recently with my best girlfriend and the night lived up to everything I expected. She got us on the door list, which is really easy, so we didn’t have to pay the $10 entry fee. It was fairly empty when we got in, but the place soon filled up with excited mid-week clubbers ready for a great cheap night out.

Marble play ‘rock paper scissors for your drink’ from 10-11 on Thursday nights. I had a theory of rock being powerful, therefore males would choose rock… but it didn’t really come off and I ended up paying for most drinks. But that’s ok, because drinks are cheap at only $6 base spirits and $6 fresh pussy shots. Thursday night is Uni crowd night, with Marble often holding Uni themed events – the last one I went to was ‘Study Party’. But the themes do not really carry through the place or the feel of the night; there were a few people were wearing glasses but that was about it.

Thursday nights and Saturday nights seem to be where the Marble Party is at. The place is pumping with a young crowd (and there are always people you know) and the resident DJs are popular faces around the similar Adelaide club scene, such as The Duke and The Dog and Duck. They mix all the latest dance and pop songs which the crowd gets really involved in. There is usually an MC which keeps the place pumping and entertained with his comments and shout-outs, many of which were directed at me and my friend because I know him!

The music really is the highlight of Marble, with the crowd always getting involved, ending up behind the DJ set up and getting to know the DJs. The dancefloor is the place to be, with patrons only leaving the front speakers for a quick shot and toilet break. Marble is not really a relaxed, chill-dout place on Thursdays and Saturdays, but more for the harder younger clubbers who enjoy loud music, lots of drinks and coming home exhausted at 4am (at least). If you love midweek clubbing, head to Marble Bar on a Thursday night for a big recovery Friday.

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