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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

The Loft

54A Thomas Dr, Chevron Island
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Boasting some of the best live entertainment on the Goldy, local, national and even international acts love The Loft for its chilled out vibe and intimate space.

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The Loft Review

Review by Yani Clarke

The Loft is a quirky French cottage inspired bar in Chevron Island – just out of earshot from the chaos of Surfers Paradise. A splash of European style gives this place a unique personality. Whether you want to sip wine on the balcony, get cosy on the leather couches in the upstairs loft, or indulge in French-inspired tapas, you will be delighted just to be there soaking up the good vibes.

The Loft is truly the best place for live music on the Gold Coast. Friday night is the wildest night hosting music from the most up and coming acts touring Australia. The stage is set right in the dining area, behind a wall of ten or so crooked paintings, which probably got that way from the eargasmic beats of musicians like Microwave Jenny, Oceanics, Emma Louise, The Bedroom Philosopher, The Bad Roots and many more. A $5-$10 cover charge buys you hours of fun watching incredible acts like these and many others.

Each Wednesday night The Loft hosts the most successful open mic night on the Coast and invites musicians from all over to have a go. Sometimes poets even have a crack. But if you’re not the music lover, you might want to check out the hilarious line up of comedians who perform there on the first Tuesday of every month.

Everything about The Loft is random. Not for the sake of being random, but because it caters for all types of people and ages. It’s like they have mixed French chic with medieval décor in a blender, added a sprinkle of modernity and hoped everyone liked the taste. Yet this is why The Loft is great, and cannot be compared to any other bar on the Coast.

It’s comfortable, it’s quirky and a little bit bizarre. But even though the place looks like my grandmother decorated it, I have to admit feeling extremely relaxed there. The dim lights and the grand piano (which no one is game enough to play) makes you feel like you’re in another time. But the lack of coordination in the style department meant that more energy went into the music, the food and the quirky concoctions that are whipped up behind the bar. So get comfortable, relax and really enjoy the music.

Bring your girl, your man, your mates, your kid, or even your grandma (just remind her it’s not her home) because no other bar on the Coast will make you feel at home like The Loft, so you may as well make it your home at least once a week.

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