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Level 77, Top of Q1 Tower Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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Travel to the very top of the World’s Tallest Residential Tower in one of the world’s fastest elevators. You’ll experience spectacular 360 degree Gold Coast views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond, and have the option to relax with coffee and cake from SkyPoint Bar. SkyPoint Bar, nestled on Level 77 of SkyPoint, is the Gold Coast’s highest altitude lounge bar and offers stunning 360 degree views of the city skyline. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of SkyPoint Nights, every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm, and experience an ultra-cool fusion of smooth beats, exquisite cocktails and amazing views. Smart dress code applies & 18+ ID required.

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Q1 Skypoint Bar Review

Review by Bridie Meek

I must admit that until this year I had never gone anywhere near Q1. As a die-hard Gold Coast local of almost two decades it is my goal to avoid tourist meccas and subsequently never felt the need to explore one of the Coast’s most iconic attractions. However, I was inclined to visit the world’s tallest residential building after I discovered it had a nifty little bar at its peak.

Coming up in the elevator it’s hard not to imagine the splendor that awaits you, but the actual décor of the floor is quite understated. In contrast to the brightly backlit panels detailing the history of our fine town and various other cultural landmarks such as surf clubs and shopping centers, the actual bar faces towards the ocean. Need I say more?

Nothing, my friends, absolutely nothing says paradise more than sunset drinks on the 77th floor. The panoramic view of my hometown truly took my breath away, although it could’ve also been the combination of the aptly named “Mile High cocktail and hot barmen”. For once the tourist tide has subsided, Q1’s Sky Point bar transforms into the type of ultra classy establishment rarely maintained on the Coast. The age group fluctuates from night to night, but it is by no means a crowded dance floor full of sweaty teenagers. It’s best to suit up and cover visible bra straps, and reserve bare chests (or breasts) for Orchid Ave.

This is a bar reserved for the decadent and refined, so everything is glass, silver and modernised furniture. Keep this in mind when paying your dues at the door; the place can get a bit pricey, especially for a venue that closes at 12am before the party really gets started. Adult single entry tickets are around $20, but if you’re a return customer it may be cheaper to buy an annual pass for $29. With entry costs as steep as these, be warned: falling off your bar stool may not rate as a punishable offense at some Coast traps, but here at Sky Point it’s considered too low-brow, and that long elevator ride could get very uncomfortable when sharing limited personal space with a security guard.

Sky Point Bar is truly magnificent. After dark the bar is sultry and plush, with excellent service and a feeling that anything could happen at the top of the world. For a luxe night out with the ladies or lads on the weekend, Sky Point is the perfect venue. It hosts a DJ from 8.30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings, and for those lazy Sunday rendezvous, live bands take the stage from 4.30pm onwards.

For a romantic dinner for two, look no further. Sky Point boasts a range of cuisine with special emphasis on the seafood basket (local produce and deliciously fresh), you can even choose to enjoy High Tea of an afternoon or perhaps host a breakfast function to view the glorious coastal sunrise.

The highlights? The incredible view, the $7 basics and the easy flow of the architecture that allows multiple groups to pretend they are in their own private urban oasis. Definitely hitting Sky Point this summer, and you should too. My only caution: make sure you’re cashed up. Nobody wants to leave paradise because they’ve run out of juice.

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