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Sin City

22 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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Step inside the doors of SinCity Nightclub and there’s no denying you’re standing in a world class venue. All the luxuries of a premier nightclub surround you; multi-million dollar décor, state of the art sound system, chandeliers, gilded walls and velvet furnishings. With such a breathtaking atmosphere, SinCity is perhaps the most outrageously over the top nightclub in Surfers Paradise.

With our locals in mind the club has been recently renovated to accommodate the exclusive Cîroc Bar atop new designer mezzanine levels where you can enjoy your night in VIP style. A playground for Gold Coast Socialites and with regular visits from the likes of Chris Brown, Lil Jon and other international artists, a visit to SinCity Nightclub will have you partying with the best.

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Sin City Review

Review By Caitlin Larkworthy

All the single ladies living on the Gold Coast, are you looking to release you’re inner vixen? Well, Sin City is the right place for you. This entrancing nightclub places itself as a hot spot on Tuesdays and Thursdays for ladies night.

My friends and I were up on the Coast for a holiday and we were ready to let loose on the beach front. Being a group of ladies, we were looking for dancing, drinks and those dreamy topless waiters we had heard so much about. Sporting our dolled up hair and somewhat scantily cloud dresses, we were stiletto bound for Sin City.

The line was short and we found the bouncers confident yet causal as they had a quick laugh at my 19 year old friends who were still on their learners licence. My memory was clouded from the last time I was there so I was giddy with anticipation. At the door you pay a ten dollar entry free and receive a wristband. This allowed for free drinks until 5 am (sorry fellas… strictly for the ladies, it is ladies night of course).

Wandering through the tunnel, we could hear the sounds Rihanna bounding from the speakers. Eager to cash in our free drink card we headed towards the bar on the left. The interior definitely does wonders for the name having a devilishly burlesque like feel to the decor. As my friends stood in line for the drinks, I roamed up some curling stairs onto a platform where four couches (strangely resembling beds) sat with only a curtain to separate.

I quickly took possession of the last one in the corner and begun to suss out the guy situation. The music had taken a turn from RnB into dance with the Swedish House Mafia getting air time. Looking down onto the bar scene the ladies were packing in numbers, but that’s not to say there wasn’t a fair amount of boys. Looking stylish in their suit pants and button up shirts, I gathered they had come from work or just trying to spruce up for the ladies behind the bar. Now boys, this is where your excitement comes in. The girls get topless waiters for ladies night but all year round you get your favourite drinks made by some of the prettiest girls on the coast… in their undies!

If you’re anything like my girls and I, dancing is something that is a necessity on a night out. The dance floor has four different podiums for you to get your groove on in the main dance floor. The only thing it’s missing is a few poles for the sinners game enough to show their talents.

Ladies, in order to keep getting free drinks you must keep your cup with you AT ALL TIMES, but if you happen to be the Jessica of the group and lose it, its $5.50 fee to get a new one (alcohol included of course).

From the moment you step inside, you really feel like you have found a city for sinners. Cages, ladies in their sexy lingerie, professional dancers, it’s a hell on earth and it’s yours for an experience that will force you to want to make a deal with the devil.

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A 2nd Look @ Sin City

By Ben King

Establishing itself as one of the premiere venue’s on the Gold Coast, it’s not hard to see why Gold Coast bar and nightclub enthusiasts flock to this venue as soon as it gets dark. Part nightclub, part burlesque club and 100% awesome, Sin City is without question a must see destination if you are new to town.

As soon as you walk in, you know you’re somewhere a little bit special with the venue lit up in a velvet red, with iron fencing surrounding a dance floor equipped with podiums for the exhibitionist in you. Couple this with the stunning lingerie waitresses, podium dancers and DJ’s spinning the latest hits, and you know our in the right place.

If you do get there a little early, the place is teeming with guys. Only later on in the night do the numbers even out, which as a guy is what I’m looking for (as well as half the people reading this article I would imagine). To the male half reading this, you will be happy to know that although the lingerie waitresses and professional dancers are amazing, the regular female patrons are equally as stunning and just as flamboyant might I add (in particular the girls that took it upon themselves to dance in the cage above the entrance)

Another facet of Sin City that adds to its unique persona is the backpackers that also swarm to this place. Hostel owners from around the Gold Coast have an arrangement to send their customers here (as well as get them a free drink) meaning the place is full of drunk, single guys and girls from around the globe. Needless to say this makes for a fantastic environment to have fun.

Smokers however be warned as from what I could tell there is nowhere to smoke unless you head outside, which is fraught with danger given the roided up temperamental bouncers that are everywhere on the Gold Coast.

To sum up Sin City, it has everything you could ask for in a club and this review does not do it justice… you need to experience it for yourself

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