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Room 680

680 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, VIC
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Not simply a traditional nightclub, Room680 has proven itself as the venue of choice for the most renowned international DJs, dance parties, functions, fashion parades and product launches. A key concept of the club is diversity of styles, with a music policy playing progressive house, garage, disco, and breaks all mixed into eclectic sets. The fusing of these musical genres attracts a diverse and vibrant crowd, with each night continually evolving. All of these ideals, however, are tempered with the market savvy required to push a business beyond its four walls. Each week 3000 patrons are drawn to Room680. Principally 18-30 year olds, they are characterised as Melbournes clubbing elite. Music, fashion, and social interaction are key areas in their lives. They are discerning, and their endorsement is coveted.

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Room 680 Review

Review By Sophie Lane

The midnight black walls of Gelferrie Road’s Room 680 are as dark as the regrowth roots of every peroxide headed teen who enters, exits and becomes increasingly addicted to their first nightclub love. Walking against traffic in what could easily be mistaken as stilts, the horror heroins of today (and of my very own Bram Stoker past) approach in drones. The small entrance sign is frequently overlooked by Passion Pop Pollys, instead the venue located through warewolf howls of flesh hungry teens which makes finding the nightclub a task purely reliant on instinct.

The entrance of Room presents a dungeon, with being stamped upon entrance like a member of cattle awaiting an inevitable fate being just the beginning. The looks from two 40 plus bouncers, and the ratio of male to female (otherwise known as a ‘sausage fest’) are econdary affirmations that the night ahead is going to be a game of ‘don’t grab my booty’ survival.

The entrance fee is $15, which although seems acceptable to eighteen year old biddies doesn’t seem as attractive anymore. Sadly a few years of rental reality have entered my sad adult life and the entrance fee is more of an irritation than a feeling of acceptance and exclusivity.

Once entering, the first acquaintance made is a large cigarrette packet dispenser, which gracefully illustrates the consumerism-ridden minds of those around me.

It’s not all negative though, and as we all know horror movies do have their occasional highs.

The ladies bathroom is an image of heaven, not only for girls but also for passing men who happen to ‘accidently’ walk through the room (which so conveniently acts as a passage way to the venue’s unisex toilets). Liquored up ladies are strewn across royal gold cushions and antique style couches, as a GHD straightener offers frazzled Frannys the opportunity to straighten their locks in an attempt to immitate at the very low fee of just $2 per minute *GST included.

The dance floor has a life of it’s own, each corner of the room presenting a hook-up free for all. The odd 45 year old bogan can be seen grabbing the arses of boys half their age as the rest of the demographic wonders “Who let them in?”

On this note, the exclusivity of the above ‘lounge room’ of the venue is something else. The entrance is either locked or manned by a bouncer, as stairs flow up to an indoor balcony dancefloor furnished with a large double bed. A small bar to the right of the VIP room suggests a night cap before bed time. From above the view of hundreds of teens running a muck is breathtaking. Suddenly the sense of the heavens overwhelms me and I’m sure I know what it feels like to be God. No wonder He doesn’t need a Foxtel subscription, underage entertainment is all time consuming.

The rooftop area is a new addition to Room 680, having only been added a few years ago. The area which enables smokers to socialise in what feels like another “room” is one of the best attributes of the venue. Retarded grass covers every inch of the floor, as mismatched pot plants and a large plastic cow furnish the rest of the area. The prosthetic cow isn’t the only rump that the gentlemen to my right have their eyes on.

Bar service is slow at both the main bar and the side room bar, which doesn’t seem to be an issue for the vodka guzzling youth of today. Something tells me that my intoxicated friends at Room 680 have come with their livers pre-saturated. It’s all part of the preparation for Glenferrie Road’s very own slaughter house after all.

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A Second Review of Room 680

Review by Nick Bartholomeusz

Plush decor, pretty velvet drapes, hardwood floors and marble staircases. No. I’ll stop you there. Such opulent qualities lie afar from Room 680. Eager club goers must expect to see a more modest attempt at recreating a typical Melbourne nightclub.

The black coated walls ring true to the dingy interior that is the Glenferrie bound nightspot. When placed next to some of the finer venues of Melbourne, Room is more closely comparable to that of Smeagol’s cave. However, what Room lacks in its aesthetic high brow decor, it makes up for in its passion for quality music.

Venturing within the nightclub, the heavy base of the Lounge room, or the R&B; area, slaps the senses. Decorated with a large bar and rooftop chandelier, this little hideaway fluctuates greatly in numbers throughout the night. Successful strategic planning results in quick and easy access to the bar, an impossible feat 10 metres over into the main area.

The Main Room opens into a broad stretch, only to be dwarfed by a sea of enthusiastic crowded bodies, moving, shaking and banging about. A positive feature amongst the ‘creatively’ painted black cube podiums is the balcony. This area, available to all offers a chance for dancers to peer over the heads of en masse while flailing their arms and legs about.

Above lies one of Room’s latest features: The Rooftop. This area, coated in plastic grass and although just as crowded, provides a smokers and non-smokers relief from the intense volume and heat of a riled up indoor crowd.

Despite failing in many respects to present a visual masterpiece, Room’s redeeming qualities lie in its consistent ability to rope world renowned DJs to its turntables. Separating it far from the conventional nightclub, bound to remix more than one of LMFAO or Justin Bieber’s questionable tracks, Room has dedicated its resources to what is often lacking in the Melbourne nightlife… Good music.

Since 2001, Room has offered a range of big name artists, such as: Tiesto, Pete Tong, Myon & Shane 54, MaRLo, Benny Banassi, Fedde Le Grand, Aly & Fila, Roger Shah, and more. To find such acts often requires the purchase of a $50 or $60 ticket, to be hosted in one of Melbourne’s halls or theatres. However, such a luxury is within the realm of a meagre $30 entry fee (for a special event or $15 for a typical night).

What remains a point of contention for some, is the fortunate and unfortunate disregard for the bane of the common male: female to male ratio. Room, unlike the preponderance of nightclubs in Melbourne, does not employ a 1:1 ratio rule, or any ratio rule for that matter, allowing all above the age of 18 (for the most part) to enter. The result, a surplus of horny males playing a game of ‘spot the hottie’, quickly turning into an uncomfortable game, similar to that of vultures duelling over the final remains of a gazelle carcass.

The website itself boasts of Anarchic, Satanic and phallic symbols. A clear testament to its intended demographic. Room projects no illusions of grandeur. What you see is what you get… With a fantastic light show of course.

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