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Redlove Cocktail Bar Musicroom

1/401 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC
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Located on the vibrant fringe of the CBD, the spacious bar and balcony area make for a comfortable social and dining experience. Recline as you enjoy pre party drinks whilst watching day turn to night. With a refreshing balcony overlooking the CBD offering all the comforts you would expect of a lounge bar, Redlove provides an exquisite location start the nights pre drinks. Playing a little bit of everything including old skool, retro, hip hop, funk and house, this unique ensures a good night out.

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What to Expect @ Red Love Cocktail Bar

By Michelle Smart

Red Love; a perfect sum up to my kind of place and what will hopefully be yours. Directly across from RMIT on Swanston street is a tiny little alcove doorway (barely even notable which is for shame!). Here is a place of quality. Think of that model all women aspire to be and who men salivate over. She would be sitting out on the balcony eating a great meal prepared by Red Love and sipping some sparkling champagne. Of course this woman would be wearing a sophisticated crimson cocktail dress, sliced all the way down her back. The dress is framed by a wicked little smile and whose jewellery catches the candle light. Well here is where you would find her. Think quality; think the warmth of the colour red and all the places it could lead you.

Red Love comes to light when night finally dawns; the bouncers take ward of the entryway. Follow the rich red carpet into a place you are sure to enjoy. Free early entry comes at a price; gentlemen leave your thongs and your jeans at home (unless you are wearing a brand). Red Love loves a man in casual neat and semi-formal (no need to hang yourself with a tie!). Of course, ladies, I haven’t forgotten you! Charged with your power suit or even deck yourself in a cute little LBD and heels and you’re in. Those gentlemen seeking a wind down after work, here is your place – plus there is no need to move onto another location; Red Love brings all the ladies to the bar. And ladies, if you’re seeking something a little more than the uni years, you will find them here. Red Love is the best place for great conversation and additional eye candy amongst the sensual and partying atmosphere.

Kicking off at the ascending stairway, the party is never far from the bar! Such a small space has been turned into an intimate and perfect location. Suede couches line the walls of an architecturally beautiful place. The bar glows cerise red which you will find easier to locate when you are consistently downing quality drinks. Behind the framed red curtains lie the shelves of well stocked alcohol glowing like beacons. The staff serve with a smile and on occasion a laugh. Of course, pricing for such quality can come at a cost. But hey ladies, just ask any of the gentlemen here. I’m sure your knight may shout you a drink. (Are you listening gentlemen? Surely chivalry is not dead? Not at Red Love, anyway.)

Either way, after grabbing your drinks, enjoy yourself! Dance right next to the bar or in the tiny VIP area – location brings people together! The atmosphere gets warm and vibrant with characters coming to light amongst the classic retro of Saturday night. Fridays will have you dancing along to variation of old school and RnB of a few variant eras. Pick a weekday and chill rather than dance. Either way, a night on the main dance floor will get your heart pumping and make you fall in love with Red Love even more. If the dance floor gets your face a little flushed, just cool it down outside on the great balcony. Overlooking Swanston Street you’ll find a candle lit alcove perfect for conversation and relation. Whatever reason you head to Red Love, just remember to relax, enjoy and give Red Love a kiss from me when you’re there.

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