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Red Hummingbird Bar and Cocktail Lounge

1/246 Russell St, Melbourne, VIC
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Typically cryptic and coy in the way Melbourne bars love to be. It’s a sophisticated urban secret! Upon entering the Red Hummingbird, you are instantly cocooned onto a Moroccan inspired nest that is equally alluring as it is inviting and subtly decadent. The cocktail lounge provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy sipping the evenings away.

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The Red Hummingbird Review

Review by Michelle Smart

Walking down the traffic congested Russell St, you can quite easily walk past the small black doorway guarded by two very pristine bouncers. Above this little black doorway is the imprint of a delicate rubicund hummingbird. Upon closer inspection you’ll actually notice a red cage adding an artist value a miniature gem.

The Red Hummingbird is indeed a great theme upon scaling the stairway. The cage-like size of its location should not be underestimated. It seems some clever architect has provided a perfect location making the most of the very best. The same can be said for the very tasteful decorator. The wallpaper is a unique pattern of flowers and hummingbirds: flowers give it the air of sophistication and the Chinese style wooden alcove sets a gorgeous classy style that Carrie of Sex in the City would be proud of. The Red Hummingbird is the place to bring the girls for a drink, perve on the sexy and suited men and have a dance after downing some of the most delicious drinks I have ever had. Indeed nothing at the Red Hummingbird is caged in at all!

The Red Hummingbird bartenders are usually men. These waiters decked out in their waistcoats and ties provides you with your nectar of choice with the speed of a Hummingbird’s wing. Here you will find menu’s spread out on alcoves, tables and chairs, so you don’t have to think up a drink you have had before. Quality branded alcohol and a professionally stocked bar is sure to match any taste.

Indeed devious arrays of drinks are listed under Hummingbird signatures like the Honeysuckle Daiquiri, The Bird Catcher, the Emerald Peacock and the Ginger Goose… and when these bartenders make a drink, they muddle, they shake, they stir and they light things on fire. The cherry on top is exactly that: you pay that little bit extra for quality (about $18 a cocktail) but the show is free. And gentlemen, if these drinks sound to girly for you, wait until you have tried them! The Side Car and Booty Call cocktail should have you on the floor after a few. If you’re too boring for that, well, your selection of quality hard liquor, shots, beer and cider are here too.

Warm lighting, Turkish candles and a dark intimate setting on the small bar room can provide the perfect location to meet and greet. If you were to make a function here you would not be disappointed. Gentlemen, ladies, you will enjoy the great music and great atmosphere in the midst of a more mature setting; you don’t see many teens or uni Students here, only the young working class and alcoholic connoisseurs. The Red Hummingbird provides a perfect array of fauna for you to catch your fauna. No doubt you’ll find her sipping the sweet nectar of a classy drink in the corner, or you’ll find him by the bar with a great smile and willing conversation that isn’t overrated. The Red Hummingbird provides the peacock trimmings of a great designer location, the alcoholic wisdom of an old bird with the atmosphere of a spring chicken. Not to mention of course the symbolic accomplishment of the Hummingbird.

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