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Observatory Bar

Level 1, Murray St Pr, Hobart, TAS
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Harbour views, and a grand array of cocktails make this place a great place to have a night out. With a modern and contemporary fell, this is the destination of choice for the people of Hobart.

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What to Expect @ The Observatory Bar

Written by Brie Culph

The Observatory Bar, or O Bar as the locals like to call it, caters for the majority of town folk. In saying this, however, the median age is most certainly those fresh to the clubbing scene, and for this reason it is known as the teenybopper club.

However, the wide range of ethnic and socio demographic groups blends together to ensure that once the bass drops they all are equipped with someone to dance with. O Bar is arranged in two rooms, one being the dance floor, smoking area, high rise lounge and main bar, and the other a more relaxed couched area where dancing is very restricted. For this segregation it allows a wide range of people and ages to enjoy the O Bar facilities.

The bar is always fully catered with exotic drinks that become tongue twisters to pronounce when you’ve had a few too many. The correlating factors of good vibes and good drinks creates an atmosphere expected for the night life.

The club also has featured DJs regularly inclusive of Tigerlily and Timmy Trumpet, which also draws large crowds. To be honest, O Bar is one of the main reasons people enjoy a night out because this club has simply no limits it what they are willing to do in order for their customers to have a good time.

On arrival, you are greeted by a spiralling stair case, and zebra print walls as well as the famous O Bar bunny (if you don’t have a selfie with the bunny, you haven’t gone to O Bar). Entering the main room you are greeted by a spacious dance floor, and once your legs turn to jelly (no more Jelly Shots for you then) there is seating available along one wall for those girls who have worn heels too high. While there is a smokers area, it isn’t exclusive and you are welcome to have a sit down outside in the glacial air to cool off before heading back into to drop a move or two.

Overall, O Bar is amongst the top of the list for those who are fresh, there are always the throw backs to the ‘80s for those who want to bust a sprinkler move or a moonwalk. O Bar quite easily sets the standard for a good time and great atmosphere, but remember if you don’t get a picture with the Bunny you might as well never have gone.

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