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New Gold Mountain

21 Liverpool St, Melbourne, VIC
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A quirky place hidden away so well you could walk past it in all your drunken spleandour without batting an eyelid. No doubt many have done so and missed out on the pleasures of this secretive bar.

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New Gold Mountain Review

Review By Cassie Mckay

One word to describe the New Gold Mountain bar: Wow!

Yes, this one word describes every inch of the small yet breath-taking venue. Located at 21 Liverpool Street in Melbourne’s Chinatown is a red wooden door hiding away another world of culture. Shanghai meets a Stanley Kubrick film with a lot of alcohol is what the New Gold Mountain pretty much is. Through that one door leads two levels which literally smack the astonishment right out of your mouth!

Up the stairs to the first level you will find what I would describe as the ‘Green room’ with neutral palettes creating an earthy astrosphere and calming like effect. A leaf toned bar surrounds a wall of alcohol all awaiting your next drink of choice. Hovering lamps, a fireplace and sectioned off booths all create this natural scenery. During the night when the lights are dim and the shadow reflections appear, the alluring yet eerie vibe takes over the room and the hunt begins.

Walking up the stairs to the second level you can already see the red lights slithering towards you as you take another step closer. Nicknamed again by myself as the ‘Red room’ (original, I know), it is my favourite of both levels. This time, my ooohh’s and ahhh’s turned into silence because this room actually made me speechless – and that’s something hard to accomplish if you ask any of my friends. Cascading cloths, red dimmed lighting, hypnotizing wallpaper and a stocked bar all await your arrival. The calming feeling you once experienced from level one turns into a heart racing, sensual almost orgasmic desire to order the sexiest sounding drink on the menu. This level isn’t for the faint hearted: with narrow small spaced areas and rich reds this intimate room makes you feel like you’re the next Oscar winning star of Kubrick’s latest eccentric film… Here’s Johnny! (Sorry had to throw it out there).

Now if you thought that was a lot to stomach then wait till you see the extensive drinks menu… but if you find it too much to handle then don’t worry, the staff are more than willing to make any other drink you crave.

There was one specific drink I fell in love with, but due to the curiosity of friends and myself I am unable to name it from the many we tried. I can tell you it was as delicious as the red lamps I wanted to steal and take home. Price wise you are looking at $7 to $50 average.

The food menu is what you would imagine: sesame chicken, yam beans, chive parcels, chicken stir fry and much more. Now, New Gold Mountain’s atmosphere is more of a bar and less of a restaurant but there is a menu to pick from for dinner, especially when booking functions. Prices range from $7 to $30 so it is quite affordable for some delicious meals.

At the New Gold Mountain you will find ages 20 to mid-30s, many of who have accidently stumbled across or heard from word of mouth. Open from Monday to Thursday 5pm to late, Friday & Saturday 5pm to 3am, there will always be a time for you to track down New Gold Mountain which neighbours the bar Double Happiness.

By far visually this bar takes the cake when it comes to decor, ambience and drinks; I no doubt will be returning to this hidden treasure again. I could keep describing New Gold Mountain in many more words, but I’ll save many the time and just say: wow!

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A 2nd New Gold Mountain Review

Review By Tanya Rao

In 1851, waves of fortune seekers flocked to the mines in Bathurst, Warrandyte and Bendigo to dig out golden nuggets embedded in the rock or dredge particles out of the water. ‘Gam Saan’, or Gold Mountain, was the Chinese nickname for America, and Australia was now New Gold Mountain.

The little Chinatown bar of the same name welcomes a more understated and demure rush… in fact, it’s more of a gold trickle. But in the opium den cubbies of this swanky establishment, there is liquid gold to be found.

Go down a city lane. Ring the number printed discreetly on an unmarked wooden door. We have a booking. A young, pale woman leads you silently up the spiral stairs through the blackness. The counter is spotted with cold green luminescence. Nestle into a circular booth. The woman retreats into the reddy shadows. Two men with glasses and fancy leather shoes conspire fiercely over a table behind beaded curtains. The Chinese zodiac is painted crisply on the wall above them. Someone mentions something about the Soviets. You feel part of some ambiguous underground movement.

A young gentleman approaches with a slick haircut and a kindly voice. We don’t have a menu. ***It’s all very avant garde. You can describe a taste, or a colour, or some spirit that you like, and we will whip something up. We want our bartenders to be creative and spontaneous, and for you to have a customised drinking experience.*** Your mind is spurting with tidbits to inspire a personalised drink. Purple. No, creaminess! Your mouth wettens.

‘Lollies’ pops out as a delightful mixed bag of marshmallow, rosewater and vanilla vodka. ‘Purple’ is a bit gross. I don’t know what alcohol is purple but it’s strange. There was another one (probably tipsy ramblings) with Japanese plum wine and mint. ‘A piece of cake’ is a scrumptious, sweet, oven-baked goodie with strawberry, cinnamon and gingerbread. I can’t remember them all but it’s the most sensual, imagination-absorbing alcoholic experience ever (with an expensive but well deserved bill… $16 or more multiplied by who knows how many).

The clientele varies from a mature 20 to a stylish 40, all with an adventurous palette. The decor is alluring, from the fireplace, the mantel arranged with nostalgic trinkets and the curling, glowing plastic on the ceiling. The music is smooth house and Nouvelle Vague remixes. It’s glamour at its understated best and the experience is this deliciously addictive collaborative liquid feast. Strike it rich.

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