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Must Wine Bar (Margaret River)

107 Bussell Highway, Margaret River, WA
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To say that Must Margaret River is wine centric is almost an understatement. Bottles of wine snake around the walls and large suspended wine racks create divisions in a warm and moody space. On one side, a bar laden with every type of high quality wine and spirit imaginable and the other, a bistro true to its roots – timeless, classic and comfortable. Upstairs there are three well appointed and spacious suites to rest your weary head.

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Must Wine Bar Margaret River Review

Review By Delysha Pick

It was time to take two days off and head south like birds in the winter to none other than Margaret River. The three hour drive is scenic and I’d highly recommend it. There are many beautiful restaurants that showcase the region’s best food and wine but the cream of the crop lands with Must Wine and Food Bar.

The decor of this venue is absolutely stunning. With red feature walls and black and grey patterns the place looks as though it belongs on Hay Street in Subiaco. The venue decorated in feature paintings, intricate clocks, chandeliers, candles and high bar stools really sets the scene for a high class evening. The most impressive features and quite unlike anything I have seen before are their unique lights made out of beer, wine and spirit bottles from around the world. This very impressive interior design is unlike any other I have seen in Perth, and is well worth the three hour drive to see it.

The atmosphere of the venue is classy, sophisticated with a slight jazzy feel. The music is a mixture between jazz and modern commercial but unlike some bars, is quietly played in the background. This encourages talk to be shared over their tapas style menu. The venue is one of a kind and their friendly bar staff have a vast knowledge of their extensive wine and beer menu. This enables customers to try new products better suited to their taste buds.

The age of this venue is definitely a more mature feel. The teeny boppers and backpackers on a budget head to the Tavern across the road. Those with a more acquired taste from a 25+ age group even up to those in their late 50’s will find their selves quite at home here.

Bar prices are very difficult to state; your budget and your tastebuds determine what you’ll spend. You can pick up a good bottle of wine for $26 and your more expensive and extensive range from $65 upwards. If you want a bottle of Moet bubbly they are more than happy to crack one open.

The Must Wine Bar was an experience rather than simply a bar. For those who appreciate high quality wine, whether it be locally or internationally, you will fall in love with this venue. If you are of the younger crowd this is just the place to start to learn. I give this venue 9/10 tips.

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