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Monastery Nightclub

621 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD
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What You Used To Expect @ The Monastery

By Katrina Beavan

Any home grown Brisbane-ite has had a ‘Monastery’ experience – or as the locals like to call it: Mono (No pun intended). If it’s a party you’re after, it’s a party you’ll get. This place is the place to be if you’re after a total clubbing experience. Located on the top of Ann Street, well within the valley club hub, The Monastery is a picturesque black building that always has a line snaking its way from its alluring entryway. A lot of the time this place is actually full, so get in quick! It’s open Thursday to Saturday, 9pm until 5 am.

Once you get inside the layout is, for lack of a better description, pretty sweet. Dance seems to be the main focus here, with a massive dance floor centring the room. There is a reasonable sized bar which serves a wide variety of beverages to entice your tastebuds, and an inventive shot or two if you’re really keen. Drinks are a little pricey and there is an entry fee as well, but as mentioned, if you want the complete clubbing experience, this is the place to go. The crowd is young, the music is current, and the dance moves are, needless to say, impressive. One of the great things about this club that some might think is strange to mention is the temperature. Because it’s so dance focused, the air-conditioning is on really low. So you can dance, dance, dance without getting all gross and sweaty… and general consensus from a lot of patrons indicated that they agreed with me. A unique quality indeed.

The music is hard core techno, with a touch of house thrown in. They also play host to special events every few weeks with featured music acts, usually DJ’s and some bands, all of which are pretty good. And of course, it wouldn’t be you’re club party event without your novelty party items (think foam, balloons etc). Depending on what’s on, entry is usually around $15 or sometimes $10 if it’s before midnight. Check out the website for event info.

But if you don’t feel like dancing there is also a comfy and smartly decorated lounging/chilling area, although I guarantee, you will be hard pressed to resist the urge to dance when you’re at The Mono. The music and atmosphere not only pump you up but keep you grooving way into the wee hours of the morning, guaranteeing a great night out. I give it 4 disco balls out of 5. Keep up the phat beats guys.

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