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Manhattan Bar and Cafe

243 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, WA
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Choose Manhattan’s for relaxed casual dining, or just drop in for a cold beer – and with absolutely the best food & atmosphere, Manhattan can make your next function a blast, so you can relax.

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Manhattan Bar and Cafe Review

Review By Renata Sain

Lauded by those in the know as the Mojo’s of east Perth, Manhattan’s is the type of Bar that can change the culture of a suburb and is just the kind of place that Perth’s up and coming inner hamlet of Victoria Park needs.

Manhattan’s is a relative newbie on the local bar trail, and in many ways this translates to the mixture of folk that hang out there. The Bar is popular with an 18-30 year old crowd of students that live close by, and includes an assortment of goths, hipsters, film nerds, punks, hippies, burlesque queens, the gay crowd, FI-FO’s and regular Joes.

Local promoters run regular events at Manhattan’s and on any given night you can be treated to a random night of BinGay (bingo drag queen style), short films, burlesque or perhaps a tennis whites party complete with ping pong tables, cucumber sandwiches and cocktail jugs.

The idea behind Manhattan’s is to provide local artists with a platform to express themselves and local content is a feature of this bar.

Rotating art work, including a massive street art mural along one of the inside walls, changes on a regular basis, and if you look closely you will also find a lot of intricate art detail sketched into the bits and pieces that make up Manhattan’s.

Live music across the genres of indie, folk, electronica, world, experimental and basically anything, is usually on offer most nights of the weeks as are films, which are shown on a large screen overlooking the bar.

The bar is open planned and spacious and there are plenty of bar tables, stools and lounges to loiter on. A function room out the back with a full bar is also available free to hire.Bar prices are on bar with Perth fortunes and a midi will set you back $5, a pint $9.50, wine $7 to $9, spirits $8 to $9 and cocktails a wonderful $10. Happy hour is from between 5-7pm and pizza is available for $10 all night long.Opening hours are from 3pm to midnight from Thursday to Saturday and a cover charge may apply during the evening depending on what’s on offer.

Overall, the thing I like about Manhattan’s is that it’s the kind of place where you meet a lot of good, fun, friendly sorts. There are no strangers in this bar, unless of course you prefer it that way, so if you’re in the area, or just want to explore something new and interesting across town, give this newbie a go.

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