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Lily Blacks

3/12-18 Meyers Pl, Melbourne, VIC
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The chaps and galls at Lily Blacks offer an exhaustive array of spirits and liqueurs. With the nous to blend, mix and create cocktail creations for your practical enjoyment, Lily Blacks is a great place to relax, kick back and simple enjoy the atmosphere. Come in, relax and allow Lily Blacks to serve Melbourne’s most delicious beverages. Open from 4pm until 3am Monday to Friday and, open from 7pm until 3am Saturday.

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Lily Blacks Review

Review By Natalie McMullin

“Oh! Here we go. Meyers Place.” The Metro Trains Customer Service Officer glanced up at me. “You’ve come out the wrong exit.”


“Just head up out the Burke St exit and then back this way” – he motioned with a finger on an upside-down map – “and you’ll find it.”

‘It’ in this scenario was a tiny but buzzing laneway jutting off the top end of Burke St. More specifically, ‘it’ was Lily Blacks, a cruisy cocktail lounge I’d earmarked for a long-awaited catchup with some girls from school.

I didn’t find ‘it’ for another twenty minutes. ‘It’ was a whole two hundred metres away.

Being Saturday night, I had big plans. The girls and I would wine, dine and gossip, and perhaps then get a little silly. Who knew where the night would take us? We were young, we were free, we were invincible…

I stepped through an unmarked doorway between two palm trees. My eyes searched the sparse crowd lazing on orange and brown couches, past every palm tree in the room, and finally rested on a solitary twenty-something sipping from a tall glass in the corner.

… invincible, and evidently, a party of two.

Still, it only takes two to tango. The girl in question – my delightful friend Eliza – and I would have the best night of our lives, no doubt about it. What’s more, being pretty much the same height and weight, we were equally matched.

Perfect for a little friendly competition.

To the bar! It was a magnificent, wooden island in the centre of the lounge. The cheery staff buzzed in and out of it to bring works of drinkable art to rest before groups of all ages, settled around darkwood tables. I could still almost hear the rain above the motown beats pumping from the speakers. I could see the rain in the hair of every clean-shaven thirty-something in a button-down. I could see it through the open doorway.

Boy, did I need a cocktail.

I picked up the list and was instantly transported. My mind was filled with images of youthful inebriation. Giggling bikini-clad girls giving each other piggy backs. Frolicking on beaches to a soundtrack of trash-talking, wolf-whistles and relentless Europop. Oh, to be stupidly, hysterically drunk!

I glanced outside at the expanse of dark, wet concrete.

“I’ll have a ‘Spring Break’,” I said.

And we were off. Lize leapt ahead early with her old faithful, an Espresso Martini. I eyed the empty glass in front of her with apprehension. She’d got a head-start. I’d need to catch up.

After barely a moment of relaxed chatter under the generous – perhaps over-enthusiastic – lighting, it was time for round two. We both upped the ante. My ‘Athena’ was a beautiful concoction of sake and ginger wine. Courageous Lize chose the ‘Cable Car’, a potent mix of rum, cointreau and lemon. By a couple of sips in, she was flagging.

I began to consider that a victory may be more feasible than previously thought. As the night progressed, more partygoers spilled in past the same two palm trees. By 10:45 the place was just getting going. A sleepy starter, but who could blame it? Especially given the weather, now developing into Melbourne’s take on Cyclone Tracy.

We fell into a dozy silence. I didn’t want to move. I considered another drink. The staff were smart and obliging enough to make whatever I felt like, if only I could articulate it. But I didn’t want another drink. I wanted-

‘Cake?’ I asked innocently enough.

Game over.

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