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Khokalat Bar

43 Hardware Lane Melbourne, VIC
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The home of RnB in Melbourne.

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Review By Tary Cin

Don’t be fooled by the name folks, it’s pronounced “Chocolate”. It’s ok if you don’t get it, because neither did I.

Once you pay the entry fee of $20.00 however, (or $15.00 for guest list) you can understand the name. It’s dark. It’s smooth. It’s luxurious. Bright neon lights run along the walls illuminating the furnishings and guide you to the main stage and bar.

Full of inviting plush couches, the venue has plenty of room to chill out with your sexy ladies on a girls night out, or sit down with someone who’s caught your eye for a little D&M; and take things to the next level. Alongside the bar is an exclusive VIP nook curtained away for privacy should you wish to retreat into a space for seclusion and sumptuous extravagance.

The bar is easy access, and with Coronas and shots at $9.00 you’ll be glad it’s within reach because you’ll be visiting it quite often. Ask the friendly and attractive bar staff to make you something off the menu and they’ll surprise you with something special.

Did someone say free food? Hot damn! Complimentary finger food is included with entry between 9.30 and 11.30pm, so make sure you don’t drink away all your money and save some room for tasty treats.

A mecca for all RnB enthusiasts, if you’ve got swag this is the place where you can show it off. On Saturday nights doors open at 9.30pm, but 11.30-12pm is when it tends to get really busy. That’s when everyone busts a move and lets themselves go – trust me, by this stage, everyone’s wearing their apple bottom jeans and gettin’ low.

Oh yes, the crowd loves working what their mama gave them and shaking their money maker. Mostly aged between 20-30, they dominate the dance floor. It’s not for the faint hearted, and if you’re keen to dance, you might catch yourself in a dance off, sometimes not by choice. If you’re anything like me, you can say “Come at me bro!” and win. I’m that good.

Khokolat Bar is perfect if you want to gyrate and groove to the DJ’s classic old skool rnb & hiphop, mixed in with new and pumping tunes like Rhianna, Nicki Minaj and other pop hits.

Positioned nicely in the cobbled streets of romantic Hardware Lane, hit this little gem of a club up after some dining and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of fun tunes, sexy ladies and a little bit of cheeky frivolity. Yes, there may be some weird ones in there, but isn’t that what makes a place interesting? Besides, 2,652 people like it on Facebook, and since when has Facebook ever steered you wrong?

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