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Hush Bar

Shop 307, Level 3, Melbourne Central, VIC
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An elegantly designed cigar bar with equal emphasis on sophisticated aesthetics and on an ambience that is sound dropped by local and international DJ’s. Whether you decide to relax in the cocktail lounge of take up a stool at the bar and sip on a martini, you will know doubt be impressed by the style of this unique venue.

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Hush Bar Review

Review By Sophie Lane

Melbourne’s Hush Bar, located just two escalators rides up from the pick ‘n’ mix candy store in Melbourne Central shopping centre, provides a touch of class in an otherwise not so classy atmosphere. Red carpets and chandelier lighting sell ‘celebrity’ while regular appearances from Neighbours stars articulate D grade affairs. Upon my first soap star spotting, I contemplate asking Susan and Karl the fate of illegitimate child bearing Steph (who suffered from a psychotic attack ending the series year with a teenage husband death), before realising how sad it is that I’m up to date with the times of Ramsay Street. Perhaps this reporter should keep questions to herself for the night. Hush, hush.

Although Hush Bar is interestingly (I use that word in the most euphemistic sense) positioned in Melbourne Central, just a Coles and sushi bar away from Melbourne Central station where a nightly production of ‘I’m a derro’ (brought to you by station rats) is performed for all chimps in suits to see the interior of this quaint bar acts in extreme compensation.

Red and deep pine themed interiors send seductive screams down every attendee’s spine before even hitting the bar. Dimly but sufficiently lit, the atmosphere of the bar is one of sophistication. As I look around a room of Business Attire Barry’s, it’s safe to assume that Hush Bar is a primary place for post work cocktails.

Drink prices are average for a CBD bar, with a $10 note not buying more than one drink for those who choose cheap and refuse to dig deep. In yet another instance of compensation, the medium to high price range means that Hush Bar provides an extensive range of brilliant cocktails if you’re willing to burn a hole and drop down low (Lil Jon style).

The placement of the venue in what is otherwise seen as a shopping centre means that space restrictions are just one cut made to the budget for this D grade glasshouse, another being small bathrooms, which although are clean and stylish… just aren’t impressive enough to make the hall of fame. Size is everything to us ladies after all.

A quick scan across packed low couches reveals a demographic of twenty to thirty somethings, each and every one providing a (slightly crappy) montage of a Melbournian style Sex and The City scene. Except here Mr Big is Karl Kennedy, my hopes drop after remembering his recent stint in Edinsborough hospital towards the end of last season. Who am I kidding? He won’t invite me home tonight; he’s still recovering from the shock of his wife, Susan’s illness. Did I just say that out loud? Sometimes it’s best to leave your D Grade attributes laying low. Hush, hush.

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