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Fusion Nightclub

Crown Entertainment Complex, Southbank, VIC
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The ultimate mix of DJ rhythms spinning out the best RnB tunes as well as everyone’s favourite hands in the air house. Super-styling grooves and glamour combine to give all the ingredients you need for the best night ever. Fusion has 3 state of the art bars as well as an exclusive VIP mezzanine. Open Thursday through to Sunday its all about the music at Fusion.

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Fusion Nightclub Review

Review By Michelle Smart

For those ladies and gents ready to step out all night, Fusion is located on level 3 of the Crown precinct. Set yourself up for a great night that kicks off anywhere between 10 and 11.30…but as always, a Friday and Saturday night at Fusion is a full house. The diversity of people is as obvious as the drinks passed over not one, but three bars located around the dance floors.

The flock of people most likely come from the gambling tables and the three other clubs located on the same level. Within one night the party started early with two hen’s nights, three birthdays (18, 21 and 30 respectively) and one bachelor’s party announced by the DJ. As such, Fusion’s atmosphere can get a little crazy. The black interior may seem a little gothic till Fusion’s lights bring the place to life. Fusion has a local DJ crew who keeps the music beating with the illumination. For special occasions DJ’s from all around Australia and international are found mixing things up on the Fusion stage. The commercial and electro house beats can vary on this substantial dance floor.

Should you need a drink there is never much of a wait: the bar staff are quick with your drinks, but don’t lean on the counters you may come up with a wet arm. For Crown this is a great place for a cheap drink; a wide selection of wildly named Fusion shots set you up for an entire night at $9 each. For a standard shot of your favourite dark and white spirits, you are looking at around the $10 to $14 mark. My personal favourite had me surprised: if you’re into absinthe shots, this baby is $12 each. On Fridays and Saturday nights clubbers will find ever changing drink promotions. Current drink promotions include: Jam Donuts and Tequila Slammers at $6 and some really fantastic Cocktails at $22. It certainly makes up for the entry fee.

Upstairs is a different atmosphere. Named the Mezzanine Room, the music here is a combination of RnB and/or oldies combined into some new hits. The bar is compact but somewhat cleaner than the main dance floor bars. The Mezzanine room provides a variation of old school and hip hop music and is just as pumping as the main dance floor downstairs.

Comfortable couches provide a private atmosphere for those who would rather relax. A glass balcony provides the perfect alcove to observe the main dance floor downstairs while still maintaining its seclusion. For those gents out there, it is also the best place to look on once hired dancers steal the stage.

It seems Fusion employs a variation of dancers: some are professionals showing their best moves while others are amateur dancers just try to keep up. Either way ladies, have fun watching the men watch the dancers. Men hang around the edges of the dance floor with glassy eyes and a drink in hand. It’s the most amusing thing you’ll see all night. To all those men heading out to Fusion: buy the girl next to you a drink after the show.

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