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Fumo Blue Cocktail Lounge

270 Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA
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Translates literally to Blue Smoke, is a cigar lounge with a difference. From the moment one descends into this underground establishment the inspiration for Fumo’s design becomes apparent – a 50’s style cocktail lounge with definitive funky undertones

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What to Expect @ Fumo Blu

Review by Chelsea Kay-Daniels

Specialising in cocktails (both their own recipes and the classics), you will enjoy a relaxed and chilled atmosphere at Fumo Blu. Being situated in the middle of an array of restaurants on Rundle Street you can head there for a few yummy cocktails after dinner with friends or that special someone.

A popular cocktail bar of the East End, Fumo Blu is a 50s style cocktail lounge with a large tropical salt water fish tank which houses tropical and live coral – if that doesn’t add to the ambience, I don’t know what does! The general atmosphere is rested during the week with a party vibe flowing through the venue on Fridays and Saturdays, and old school classics entertain guests on Sundays. The music on these days really reflects the atmosphere.

Originally an underground cigar lounge, the decor resembles a stress-free environment which is an excellent place to wind down after work or wind up before a big night out. This is also a perfect place to take your special someone looking for a romantic date during the week, the perfect place for partygoers to at least start their night off at least a little bit classy and a place for large groups to reunite over an array of cocktails.

As I mentioned earlier, the decor really does prove to impress patrons as their comfy lounges, booths and tables which can seat groups ranging from 6 to 20 people make a great meeting place for friends to catch up or simply take time out from their busy weekly schedules.

If cocktails aren’t your thing they also have an extensive list of champagne, which currently includes ruinart blanc de blanc, perrier joet and dom perigon by the glass, wine, single malt whisky and cognacs.

I am obviously very easily won over by this venue – as soon as you mention the words ‘couches’ and ‘cocktails’ in the same sentence, I’m there before you can say ‘long island ice tea’. I would certainly suggest indulging in a cocktail or 3.

Even if you’re not a cocktail person (I’m talking to you, boys with the jacks and cokes) I would definitely recommend sipping on one of the cocktails from their impressive selection. They really do have everything to suit everyone’s taste, so if you’re a fruity favourite or a chocoholic there would be something that tantalises your taste buds.

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A 2nd Look Expect @ Fumo Blu

Review by Laura Fazekas

Between busy restaurant alfresco eating areas on Rundle Street stands a lone door manned by 2 security guards with a small sign above their heads reading ‘Fumo Blu’. I had always heard great reviews about Fumo, but hadn’t been there until my slightly older friends took me on a night out. If I hadn’t gone with them, I would have never found the place! But once I descended the flight of stairs (without a cover charge) into a blue haven with cool house beats, I knew I would love it. I was immersed in the atmosphere, half-full of 20+something year olds, who were chatting and laughing in the many booths or on bar stools. The blue lights are what drew me in – they weren’t fluro so my hair didn’t look like a highlighter, but were a bright flattering blue. The bar is completely blue light, like its drawing you in, so we headed there first.

There are A4 laminated cocktail menus floating around which we grabbed a hold of, deciding which one to try first. They range from about $14-$20, with a couple on a $10 special each night. My favourite is the Fruchoc – which is an SA favourite, blending apricot, peach and chocolate into a smooth cocktail. All the cocktails are served in different funky glasses which are always the centre of attention when you bring a drink back to your table.

After we all grabbed our drinks (and after my bartender threw a few things around cleverly, performing fancy tricks), we headed over to an empty low level booth and took a seat, all while I was still amazed by the decor of the place. There a plasma TV screens showing the latest sports telecast or old video clips, a giant cabinet full of… Wow, even the liquor bottle display behind the bar is intriguing!After a while of chatting and sipping cocktails, a bartender came over, cleared away the empty glasses and asked if we would like anything else. This confused me… then my friends informed me that the staff here take drink orders, take your money, then go make them and bring them to you! How awesome! So I quickly scanned the menu and picked another cocktail to try (this time the Cherry Pop, which tastes like liquid candy), and handed her my money. Then within 5 minutes she returned with my change and my drink, now that’s prompt service!

I then resorted to the fact that I needed to visit the bathroom, so off I went around the corner of the bar and was stumped by this giant amazing aquarium! From wall to wall the aquarium is filled with tropical fish and coral, it’s a real spectacle. I eventually made it to the bathroom, which is lovely and clean, then back to my girls at our booth. We spent the rest of the night relaxing, drinking, laughing and enjoying ourselves in this cool and calm cocktail bar. Fumo Blu is a great place to have a medium get-together with friends who enjoy quality drinks and a quality night out where that can talk and dance without large crowds. Fumo Blu is a regular of mine, even if just to start the night out, it always makes it onto my list for a great Saturday night.

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