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Family Nightclub

8 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD
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Family is the most dynamic, versatile and beautifully decorated entertainment venue ever to grace Brisbane’s entertainment scene. Purpose built to cater to a diverse range of corporate events, functions, product launches, concerts and special events. With amazing Friday and Saturday events, this multi story venue caters for Brisbane’s bar and nightclub enthusiasts in emphatic style, with a perfect mix of all music genres and styles, ensuring there is something for everyone.

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Family Nightclub Review

Review By Bec Sigrist

Brisbane’s answer to Home nightclub; The Family is arguably the best night out that any clubbing enthusiast can hope for. Since stepping into the scene in 2001, Brisbane’s first super club has set a high standard that no other clubs have been able to surpass. Family has seen the worlds best DJ’s like; Tiesto, Carl Cox, Krafty Kuts, and Ultrasonic spin their records and residents such as; Baby Gee and Habebe crank the dance floor week in week out, giving punters the ultimate night out.

You will feel the love over four opulently designed floors, the exquisite details of the decor is an experience in itself. You can get lost in the powder room for hours and it only feels like five minutes has passed, and believe me you have never tasted a great cocktail until you have tried one that has come from a bar made entirely of ice. Family is the epitome of opulence in the clubbing world. Private themed booths are an absolute must for parties or if you plan on spending up big at the bar. The cost is approximately $50 per head (based on 8 or more) which gives you free entry, your very own exclusive area and a generous bar tab, best deal ever.

Bookings are essential for the booths and big events are booked well in advance, so a bit of organisation doesn’t go astray people. The dress code is probably one of the strictest in the Valley, no surfers, suits, cowboys or chambray. Guys dress street style, girls can glam up but really are those 12 inch stilettos going to serve you well on the main floor? Want to know why Family has received so many accolades including best nightclub in Australia? Go and check it out for yourself, if you haven’t been to Family you haven’t lived.

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A 2nd Family Nightclub Review

Review By Julia Roscoe

It’s an alternate universe where the beats never die, you bust out dance moves you never knew you had and somehow end up kicking it until the sun has come up. Welcome to The Family, renowned as one of Brisbane’s, and possibly Australia’s best nightclubs.

Spread spaciously among four floors, with five bars and an impressive list of who’s who in the dance music world spinning tunes each weekend, The Family attracts an incredible number of partygoers, who tend to be aged between 18-28ish. The crowd is there to dance and be merry, so be prepared to have your feet stepped on and drinks spilled on you. This is not the place to go if you want to be a wallflower! Head there on a Sunday and it’s Fluffy Night, which is a real eye opener – think loud, out and proud and dressed to impress. So ladies, if you’re looking for a place to go for a girl’s night out where you won’t be hassled by boozy blokes, this is nirvana! But Saturday is the big one, and a must when in Brisbane. Just be warned; the girl to guy ratio is highly in favour of the latter.

Recently refurbished, each impressively decorated floor oozes sophistication and style. Head to the top level and you’ll find spacious booths hidden behind majestic curtains that will make you feel like someone special. Up here is where you’ll also find the Ice Bar – that’s right, a bar made entirely of ice. Visit one of the two cocktail bars in the club and they’ll whip you up something incredible (and lethal!) From the middle floors you can look down on those happy punters dancing to the beat of their own drum, and then go down and bust a move yourself. Just watch out, Saturdays see the dance floor shoulder to shoulder, especially when they’ve got a renowned DJ on the decks (which is more often than not!)

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A Third Review of Family Nightclub

Review by Matthew Hart

Family Nightclub has been setting the benchmark for venues all over Brisbane for the last decade and is pretty much the venue to checkout for any serious club goer. With four levels of nightclub goodness you are sure to find somewhere in this epic venue that you like; whether it be the chilled ice bar upstairs or the pumping main dancefloor downstairs.

It was my birthday last weekend and after a night of heavy partying all over Brisbane and the Valley I felt the need to go big, which Family is more than prepared to provide. It wasn’t the first time I’d been to Family and it certainly won’t be the last. We approached the door just after midnight and were pleased to get in pretty quickly thanks to the friendly door staff.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been to Family many times and it has been the place of many legendary nights, upon entering this time I noticed a few changes to the venue. Upstairs has changed considerably with a light and sound system surrounding the dancefloor that could quite literally knock your socks off. The rest of venue was much the same and to this day still retains its ability to excite and entertain the masses.

We decided to chill upstairs in the pimp lounge setup just next to the dancefloor. On top of being in awe of the amazing light show taking place on the ceiling I was amazed by the incredible dubstep that was being pumped out from the insanely talented DJ. Eager to explore the rest of the venue (with my girlfriend who had never been there before) we headed downstairs and checked out the main dancefloor. As it has and always will be the dancefloor was packed and the music was pumping loud. After tearing it up on the dancefloor to some amazing dance music the effects of a long night began to takes its toll and we reluctantly left with yet another legendary night at the Family to look back on fondly.

The Family is the place to be on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday night for its famous Fluffy parties. Family truly is a mega club and lives up to the reputation it has built for itself over the last decade. If you’re a first time clubgoer or a seasoned veteran slip on your best fluro outfit, grab your glowsticks and get on down to Family nightclub.

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