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Elixir Rooftop Bar

646 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD
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Nestled above Brisbane’s busy Ann Street, Elixir offers a hidden tranquillity, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the busy Fortitude Valley below. This exclusive rooftop sanctuary makes for a perfect setting to mingle with friends and family, celebrate special occasions or simply wind down after a busy day at work. Elixir’s fresh wooden décor, lush plants and clean day bed style seating allows for a relaxed yet sophisticated environment. At Elixir, we boast a large collection of quality boutique wines, a selection of over fifteen local craft beers and specially hand crafted ciders. We pride ourselves on our wide range of perfectly blended cocktails, which are served to you using the freshest of fruits and premium spirits. We invite you to kick back, relax and experience the alluring charm that Elixir Rooftop has to offer.

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What To Expect @ Elixir Rooftop Bar

Written by Beatriz Polotan

Do not be fooled by the humble entry to Elixir Rooftop Bar. It might be a bit of a struggle trying to find it amongst the multitude of pumping nightclubs and their flashing lights in the Valley. So here’s a tip: across from Cloudland, in between Ric’s and Fridays (or more specifically, 646 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley). You’re welcome. Although they are closed on Mondays, they start kicking every weekday from 4pm to 2am and then conveniently open at 1pm on the weekends to get it properly started.

Once you walk out of the staircase, you are met with mellow music, a throng of people ready for a good time, and an ambiance that instantly chills you out. The rooftop bar is lowly lit with chandeliers, sleek heaters that instantly warm you up from the night air, and incredibly hip (note: and insanely cute) fairy lights draped all over the walls. The lighting brings out the plush plants on display and the insanely comfortable clean day bed style seating makes you feel like you could probably lay all day while sampling their refreshing mixes. The furniture was so simple yet so tasteful, incorporating concrete tables, wooden chairs, and a remarkable marble bar that displayed their vast selection of spirits. The décor truly enhanced the exceptionally luxurious and lavishing ambiance that Elixir had to offer.

Elixir has the perfect combination of sophistication and relaxation. It’s not only the perfect place to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, but also a place to get to know your hot date, or just wind down after a stressful day at work. The bartenders are super friendly, ready to help pick a cocktail that will suit out tastebuds (note: a very important task), which really sets up a positive mood for the rest of the night!

The crowd was so ready to just sit down, drink as many cocktails their body will allow, and chat the night away. There were groups that were in their mid-20s to 30s, but no one would clearly turn away anyone that’s ready for a variety of craft beers. Anyone from every age group that is trying to escape the hustle and bustle from the ever-so-busy Valley (or life in general) would thoroughly enjoy their time at Elixir.

The drinks – my God, was I having a ball! They have a huge array of craft beers, ciders, and boutique wines that you do not usually find in your local bottle shop. Again, the bartenders were very open to chat about preferences, so not a dollar was wasted when trying to explore the different kinds of beers they had to offer. Their menu opens up 6 pages worth of various cocktails with reasonable pricing ($17 but side note: Fridays from 8pm–10pm lets you experience their Russian Spring Punch and Bramble cocktails for $10)!

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