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CQ Bar

113, Queen St, Melbourne, VIC
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CQ Nightclub, after 3 years still plays host to the biggest Saturday night in all of Melbourne!!! Fridays aren’t too bad either as you dance the night away in this glamourous inner Melbourne venue. However is nightclubs aren’t your thing, then you will definitely be tempted by CQ Bar. This bar is ideal for a relaxing afternoon drink or casual luncheon. Chilled beer on tap with an abundance of natural light and views of a tree lined Queen Street make CQ Bar warm and inviting. Open 10:30 am till late

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CQ Bar Review

Review By Serene Kotob

Not sure where to head out on a Friday night to loosen up and distance yourself from the wraths of a dull week at work? Want to guarantee yourself a quality night? Infectious Entertainment proudly presents to you, CQ Fridays. Ideally a place to celebrate the long awaited arrival of the weekend, release your tensions and inner inhibitions and dance the weekly dooms and glooms away, CQ guarantees the perfect start to your weekend of invigorating experiences and good times.

Immerse yourself in the wonders and mystery of a breathtaking venue, with the choice of downstairs for commercial house and dance or get your groove on in the RnB room upstairs. The beautifully designed courtyard that surrounds is an ideal location for enjoying some fresh air, winding down from the heated dance floor or simply observing and admiring your fellow CQarians. If you prefer high rise views and surroundings, submerge yourself into the fine setting of the duly positioned balcony outside the RnB room, convenient for smokers or those who wish to bask in the electrifying ambiance of CQ.

The crowd is young, fresh, classy, flirty and scream out ‘elegance’. CQ is most definitely not a casual affair so guys must be dressed in shirts with well conditioned shoes while the ladies are dressed in gorgeous, short and eye catching frocks. Whichever way you roll, you will be guaranteed pleasing eye candy at CQ. To avoid disappointment guys should accompany themselves with a few girls as is normally the case.

Arriving early is a plus for quick and easy entry. However the party doesn’t really start until around 11.00pm when the dance floor fills and party goers begin letting loose and showcasing their moves. The girls are indeed flamboyant in their actions and behaviour not afraid to spot a hottie and claim him. The guys, more subtle in their actions will suss the girl of interest out, attempt to progressively dance with her and let nature take its course!

Situated conveniently in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on the corner of Queens Street and Little Collins Street, CQ hosts a number of events and functions , run as a restaurant by day and club by night. Most appropriate for those aged 18-25 but open to all ages, CQ Fridays is the ideal venue for the youthful clubber or those young at heart who just want to have a good time surrounded by a sensual, yet classy ambiance that will thrill even the most tamed. Sagaciously open till late, CQ Friday nights are sure to arouse your inhibitions, lift up your spirits and keep you dancing till the break of dawn.

Discover Melbourne’s premium nightclub on a Friday night and one shall surely not be disappointed. Step into a world of wonder, passion and intensity as you experience the splendours and excitement that CQ nightclub has to offer. Strut yourself in style, delight your senses and feel the glamour and spark that makes CQ one of the most popular and alluring clubs in Melbourne.

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A Second Review of CQ Bar

Review by Danielle Murnane

If you are going to try any club in Melbourne’s CBD then CQ should definitely be on the agenda. There is always a fun time to be had! CQ is located in the heart of Melbourne – corner of Little Collins and Queens St, hence the name “CQ” (Collins, Queens).

Okay, so you still need a little more convincing? Well lucky for you I have devised a list of 5 reasons why you should make your next club visit to CQ:

Number 1: The venue. The club is huge! This is one reason why I love it. If the dance floor is what your heart desires, then CQ is for you. There is nothing worse than going to a club, trying to let loose on the dance floor, and only being able to physically move your body within a 2cm radius without bumping into the other 20 people squashed up against you! No, at CQ don’t worry about having no space to get your boogie on, there are plenty of dance floors to let loose and have a good time!

Number 2: The music. Basically whatever floats your boat! CQ caters for all you House and RNB lovers. Downstairs plays commercial house while upstairs is all about old school RNB. Personally, I always tend to find myself upstairs in the RNB room. The only downfall is the line to the upstairs RNB room can be taunting if you arrive late. However if you can survive the wait, the outcome is definitely worth it. On a warm summer’s night, the wait isn’t actually too bad. (From my own experiences waiting in that line has made me a lot of new friends! So they might have been drunk… or maybe I was drunk. But hey, they sure made my night a whole lot more interesting!)

Number 3: The outdoor areas. So dancing isn’t your thing? Well worry not because CQ is so large that there are plenty of places to kick back and enjoy the club from a different point of view other than the dance floor. The outdoor areas are great in summer and compared to most smoking areas at clubs the ones at CQ (except for the upstairs one) are quite spacious.

Number 4: The toilets. Okay, I can’t speak for you males! But I think every girl will agree with me that toilets at most clubs are just outright feral and the queue to use the bathroom is plain out ridiculous. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that after a few drinks no one enjoys a 1 hour wait to use the bathroom! CQ bathrooms are large and fairly clean and the queue is never too long if there is a queue at all!

Number 5: So I’ve left the best to last…the crowd! The best part of CQ is the crowd. Not only is it a fun crowd, but it is a good looking one as well. Ladies…the guys are always dressed up prim and proper in their finest collared shirts (otherwise they can’t get in). And guys, I don’t think you will disappointed with the line up of dolled up females rocking their hottest outfits and strutting around in their highest stilettos.

All in all, if it’s a good night you’re looking for; you now know where to go!

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A Third Review of CQ Bar

Review by Rebecca Herrick

CQ Bar in Melbourne’s CBD is one of the most raved about venues. Located at 113 Queen Street, this stunning venue is open Monday to Thursday from 12noon – 11pm, and is the perfect spot to sit and admire the beautiful views of Queens and Little Collins Street while you meet up with colleagues for the ever important business meetings or as you unwind and sip on an after work cocktail. During the week the kitchen is open to provide a light lunch while you sit and amide the beautiful surrounds from the comfortable balconies.

However, once the weekend hits CQ really comes alive. As you walk up an enormous flight of stairs the feel of the bass takes over and you can’t help but feel that you are in for a great night.

On Friday night the extensively glamorous main room is filled with party goes that usually range from their mid to late 20’s, are all dressed to the nines. With a different DJ mixing up the latest chart topping commercial House and R&B; beats each week, you can be sure that music won’t get stale. The very reasonable $15 door charge makes up for the slightly over priced bar drinks.

Even if you don’t think it is possible, Saturday night is night when CQ amps the glamour and Ritz to the next level. The crowd, although slightly younger, is even more in the mood to party. Once the large dance floor becomes too crowded the room upstairs provides a slightly more relaxed area to party. Entry and drinks prices sit about the same they do on a Friday night.

All in all this club will not disappoint. On both Friday night and Saturday night you and your friends are in for night of high glamour, fresh beats and an enjoyable crowd. It’s rare that your night will be interrupted with long queues or bar fights. Those things can be left to suburbs.

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A Fourth Review of CQ Bar

Review by Eleanor Tabone

Positioned on the elevated ground floor on the corner of Queen Street and Little Collins Street, the flight of stairs reaching high into the heavens scream out class and elegance. CQ is ideal for a Saturday night getaway and rendezvous.

The layout and décor within CQ is superb. The spacious club insures that there is no need to squish your way onto the dance floor, and for women the fear of being trod on is whisked away. CQ is a dancers paradise. With endless amounts of space and different levels, there is enough room and capacity for all. CQarians are able to immerse themselves into the tropical themed venue.

With the club having two different levels, upstairs being the RnB room, individuals have the choice to get their ‘black on’, whilst downstairs there is the option to listen to commercial house music. For those who require a bout of fresh air, the beautifully designed courtyard allows individuals to soak in the ambience of the cool crisp air, contrasted to the heated dance floor. For those who prefer the highrise views of Melbourne CBD, the balcony allows smokers to light a cigarette whilst taking in the electrifying surroundings.

The crowd at CQ is young, however not the type of young you may find at Billboard Nightclub. The crowd is fresh, classy and flirty screaming out style and elegance. CQ is most definitely not a casually dressed club. The congregation is immaculately groomed. Men who attend CQ are dressed in well pressed shirts with well conditioned shoes whilst the ladies are dressed in stunning, short and eye catching frocks, complementing the vast array of sexy pumps. In whichever direction one may face or stand, you will be guaranteed pleasing eye candy at CQ.

Drinks include Tequila shots, Spirits, Beers, Cocktails which are only a few on the vast range of alcoholic drinks available. Prices vary from ridiculous to affordable, however the drinks are sure to get your blood flowing ready for a wild night. Entry prices range from $15 to $20, reasonable for any nightclub entry fee.

When compared to toilets in other nightclubs, CQ is leading the pack; the line was short, the toilets were clean and kept clean throughout the evening through regular cleaning services. The tidiness of the toilet makes a woman’s night out in particular even better.

Overall, discover a hidden gem of a nightclub in the heart of Melbourne city. CQ allows individuals to step into a world of wonder, passion and intensity. CQarians are sure to experience a night full of excitement and dazzle. Women and men are able to hold there noses high and strut around in style, delighting the senses. The glamorous sparks CQ emulates makes CQ nightclub one of the most popular and alluring clubs in Melbourne.

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