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Connections Nightclub

81 James St, Northbridge, Perth
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Connections is a venue that offers itself as an alternative to the general nightclubs hotspots. Located in the heart of Northbridge, Connections has been voted best Gay/Gay friendly venue at Perth’s 2009 Glammy Awards. It is also Perth’s premiere Gay and Lesbian Nightspot – not to mention, great music, friendly atmosphere, and wicked theme nights and entertainment. Connections offer an outdoor balcony for those who want a bit of fresh air with a bar only meters away. The dress code is left up to your imagination. Nobody will refuse you entry based on what you’re wearing. If you want to wear a tutu, you wear a tutu! One night at Connections and you will be begging for more – and don’t forget to check out the many disco balls!

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Connections Nightclub Review

Review By Justine Smith

Looking for something a little different? Connections is your answer. Located in the heart of Northbridge, Connections is Perth’s premiere Gay and Lesbian nightclub. In 2009 it was voted Perth’s best gay/lesbian friendly venue. Opening at 10pm and closing at 5am, it makes it easy to drop by Connections at the end of your night. At 1am, Connections really starts pumping.

Drinks are quite expensive with most drinks being over $10, but the atmosphere and dancers take care of that. Connections Nightclub has taken hospitality and entertainment to another level. In the middle of the dance floor there are two blocks which is used for dancers to dance on – and boy, do they have moves!

One thing Connections is known for is their awesome theme nights. Every Wednesday night they have Mud Wrestling, and if that is not enough for you then the free entry all night will be. Famous Friday is a night where Connections gives you the chance to win things such as concert tickets and DVD’s. Friday night’s entry fee is $10 before 1am and $15 thereafter. If you happen to be a student it is half price with your student ID.

There is a stage where you will find the DJ and if you look to the ceiling you will be fascinated to see (at last count) 35 disco balls, all different sizes, spinning around creating a snowball effect.

If you want to take a break from dancing and get some fresh air, there is outdoor seating with a small view of the city. You will find a bar outside with a beautiful topless bartender. He wasn’t for me, but that doesn’t mean I can admire his athletic physique!

With the attire being casual, it allows you to express your individuality freely – and I tell you, there were some very different styles around. I was in for a cultural shock when I saw a couple of Drag Queens walk in. I haven’t seen Drag Queens in real life before and I was pleased to be finally given the chance. They looked awesome in their getup.

All sorts of age groups can be found at Connections. From 18 to 70, you are sure fit in and feel welcome. For the straight, it is a great place to dance and have a good time without being hit on constantly = especially if you’re not looking for a partner or a one night stand. Sometimes you just want to have a good girls/guys night out.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying my night and I will most certainly make an effort to return for a girl’s night out sometime in the future.

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