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Subiaco, Perth

Buddha Bar

88 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA
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Crafted with attention to detail with bold colours and a funky, the Buddha has cozy couches, lofty ceilings and a great chilled out atmosphere. Escape the city and unwind as the sound of traffic and work fades away as soon as you stroll down the corridor.

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Review Claire Watson

Compared with other nightlife destinations, Subiaco is well-established as the high-end, high-fashion centre of Perth. However, it also has a reputation as being as expensive as it is stylish and having ridiculous wait times at the more popular clubs. Right in the heart of Subi Buddha Bar can be found, a sleek restaurant and bar, offering a modern twist on classic Indian dining.

The decor is nothing short of impressive, from the elegant bar and soft lighting, to the enormous stone Buddha in the main dining area, offering a decadent dining experience. The bar offers an exceptional menu of quality cocktails, although starting from $15 and up, they are a little dear. The food, on the other hand was extremely well-priced, offering an amazing selection of curries at half-price on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Despite the sophisticated decor and plush furnishings, Buddha Bar was a little uncomfortable and lacking in atmosphere. The staff were extremely inattentive, which made it frustrating to be constantly calling for service. If there was music playing, I couldn’t hear it and the diners, who were mostly young couples, were dotted sporadically throughout which just made it feel empty and a bit awkward (despite it actually being quite busy). This is not a bar that you could come to for a bit of a boogie to get you in the mood, and – closing at around 10.00-10.30pm – not somewhere you could go for a satisfying late night feed.

Buddha Bar is definitely more of a restaurant than a night-time hot spot. The high quality of the food is enough to make me return for a meal (despite the slightly lacking service) but the atmosphere is not one of an upbeat Saturday night out. Essentially, Buddha Bar offers a sleek and modern dining experience, exceptional quality Indian and Western cuisine and an eclectic cocktail menu perfect for a quiet evening out.

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