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Bravo Bar

Brunswick Central, 455 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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Hotel Bravo is composed of 3 separate yet integrated businesses – Bravo Wine Bar, Bravo Bar I b I que, and the Wine Room. With two fabulous bars, both with illustrious cocktail and wine lists, two wonderful restaurants with sumptuous food, breezy open air courtyards, a specialist bottleshop for those highly sought after drops, and onsite parking we invite you to allow us to treat you to a great dining experience.

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Hotel Bravo Review

Review By Sophie Burke

With interesting European undertones and modern timber decor complemented by stunning pieces of art featured on the walls, you would be forgiven for thinking you have stepped off the Champs-Elysees, and into a Parisian Wine Bar. Except, this time, you’re in the heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It feels like Boulevard Saint Germain, but it’s actually Brunswick Street.

Bravo Bar is not only a chic environment in which to share a bottle of fine wine (of which they have many – selections from Australia, Spain, France, Italy and Austria feature on the menu, with a glass to cater for varying budgets), but also a place where all day every day, Coronas are about $5 and cocktails are roughly $10. For those serious wine connoisseurs, a small rarities collection is also available at Bravo.

Patrons of all ages will find something at Bravo, and they do – people aged 20-50 are the featured demographic at the venue. With a decade of experience under its belt, Hotel Bravo has cemented itself as a firm favourite in the uber-trendy and ultra-competitive Fortitude Valley precinct. Perhaps why this venue holds such staying power is the attention to detail featured throughout the premises.

Whatever the Brisbane climate may offer, Bravo thought of the things that will make your experience both comfortable and memorable, during any season. During the colder months, two indoor fireplaces and several outdoor heaters will keep you warm and toasty. In the warmer months, you can lounge around on a 35-degree Brisbane day and relax next to the drop down blinds, listening to a DJ play the hits of summer through the professional and impressive in-house turntables in the corner.

Leather couches complement the chic mood lighting featured during the evening, which makes being in the Bravo environment feel classy and chic, but peppered with laid-back touches – a winning equation. The bar staff are well versed in the language of fine wine, but are also friendly and approachable.

Bravo also features no cover charge, ample free parking (just metres away), free wi-fi Internet connection, and a designated outdoor smoking area. If you have a food gap that tapas can’t fill (a plate of tapas goes for $12.90 each or $33 for a stand of three), you can wander next door to Hotel Bravo’s newer younger sibling, Bravo Bar-b-que, which was previously the location of the Monsoon Pan Asian Restaurant. Bravo Bar-b-que (Winner of the Best Steak 2010/2011) is where you’ll find main courses ranging, on average, from $25 all the way through to the mighty 1000g, $80 Tomahawk Rib Fillet.

Leaning towards New Farm, and only a ten-minute walk from the strobe lights and smoke machines characterising Valley nightclubs, this bar offers peace and calmness rarely associated with the fast-paced Fortitude Valley. It’s like a little piece of modern Europe, in a bubble of its own. A hub you can escape to, for those who value quality over quantity (however, the tapas servings are both plentiful and delicious).

A quirky and delightful slice of Europe in the middle of Brunswick Street, minus the French price tag… Magnifique!

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A 2nd Hotel Bravo Review

Review By Holly Fallon

Whether it is the start to a big night or a casual drink with friends after work, Hotel Bravo can accommodate whatever your weekend orders.

Located officially in Fortitude Valley, Hotel Bravo is situated close to New Farm, enabling it to exhaust the great characteristics of both suburbs: the Valley’s quirk and New Farm’s style.

As you enter, the professional conduct of 20-40 year old men and women are sitting around a circular bar wrapping itself around the venue.On one side lies a monsoon pan Asian inspired restaurant; the other holds the bar and nightlife. The wooden bar is spacious and with well-lit interior, with almost a high-class pub feel.

Picture this: old school vinyl, earthy Tuscan brown paintings, high-class fashion shows viewed on a flat screen TV, wooden bowls, scented candles, glass vases and a burning fire. This individual layout is the perfect combination of dining excellence and chic nightlife.

Amongst the interior, socialising guests fill the bar. They are an upper class mixture, but certainly not pretentious. Small groups are scattered amongst high tables, chatting and mingling with other patrons. Everyone is being served by bar and restaurant staff with class and efficiency, displaying the highest of customer liaison.

In the early hours, the speakers play soft lounge beats easing patrons into the night and complimenting to the ‘at home’ atmosphere. As the night progresses and 10:30 strikes, the lights dim and an in-house DJ begins to play funky house beats to lift the mood into the night.

Hungry? A specialty of Hotel Bravo, and unheard of in most parts of Brisbane, is their late-night dining option at the bar with tapas being served until 12pm.

Drink and food prices are fairly standard with tapas pricing from $13 and cocktails from $16.

My drink of choice: Espresso martini – for all those coffee lovers – $18 to go to heaven isn’t so bad…

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