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Botanica Bar and Bistro

401 Scarborough Beach Road, Innaloo, WA
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Formerly known as the Nookenburra Hotel this newly refurbished venue located off Scarborough Beach Road is now ‘C’est Chic’. Botanica is a stylish bar with a friendly local atmosphere boasting a Courtyard, Lounge Bar, Sports Bar, Bistro and functions area. This upbeat and trendy venue is surrounded by natural greenery, aquariums, and cascading waterfalls. There’s a large selections of wines and both imported and tap beers making it the perfect spot to relax after a hard day at the office. Dress to impress with the rest of the sophisticated and cosmopolitan crowd as strict dress code applies. Open Monday to Saturday 10:00am till late and Sunday 10:00am till 10:00pm, treat yourself to an enchanting experience at Botanica.

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Botanica Bar and Bistro Review

Review By Fiona Brewer

Ahhh, Botanica… known for all the wrong reasons. Botanica was formerly the old Nukenburra Hotel, a ruff and scruff bogan watering hole, and most commonly known for a daring ATM robbery that occurred in the bottle shop a few years ago, (Unidentified thieves unscrewed the whole machine, picked it up and just walked out… in plain view… at 8pm… on a Friday night… UNSTOPPED).Next to Innaloo shopping centre in the bustling Scarborough this place is aesthetically delightful and goes OFF on a warm Sunday afternoon!

The old Nukenburra was always known as ‘a bit dodgy’ and the new re-furbishments and name change are an indication of just how committed the owners are to moving away from that old identity. If you manage to snare a spot outside in the courtyard count yourself lucky as it is absolutely stunning. There is a very magical and ‘zen’ feel about the place, which you can probably trace back to the ‘beachy’ and laidback Scarborian mentality. There’s lots of greenery and waterfalls and generally patrons will guard their courtyard positions to the death! Inside the same oceanic and sanguine atmosphere is created with lots of fish tanks and comfortable yet simplistic furniture. There is a sense of intimacy here (when it’s not heaving on a Sunday) and I would very much recommend it for a first date. There is also a sports bar attached with pool tables and a TAB.

First word of warning…. Dress Code! Yes, it is one of those places, and personally I believe it is another measure to ensure that the place stays firmly away from its bogan roots. Despite being near the coastline, boardies and thongs are unacceptable as is work-wear, singlets, and trainers.You’d think with the gorgeous decor prices would be quite expensive, however the place has to compete with “The Saint,” a nearby pub, and have reduced their prices quite considerably. The cocktail list is fairly stock-standard at $17 a pop, but do try ‘The Botanica'(a fruity, fresh cocktail with a great strawberry and lime flavour). The wine list is extensive and ranges from $19 a bottle, (the house chardonnay), to $130 a bottle, (Vueve NV). There is a small but diverse range of tap beers and it’s nice to see there’s a few microbreweries included (James Squire and Matilda Bay). There is a small bistro attached, but there is food available throughout the venue which is again very reasonably priced. Nothing on the menu exceeds $35 and the menu is a combination of good pub grub and some Mediterranean inspired seafood dishes.

As I mentioned, this place goes mental on a Sunday and it is a great Sunday Sesh drinkstination. Second word of warning… Dress to impress. Yes I was a little blown away with some of the preening my fellow patrons had put themselves through as I’m a bit old fashioned (and lazy) when it comes to wearing heels on the Sabbath. There are some great deals on a Sunday with $10 Pizzas, $25 Buckets, and $20 Bottle Redbank Emily with live music playing. The age group here varies from just-turned-18, all the way up to your shifty fifty year-olds.

This place is a crowd pleaser and I actually enjoyed myself. The service is pretty average but I think it is the amazing refurbishments that make you forget you are even in a suburban bar. I thoroughly recommend Botanica and there is a bottle shop next door if you decide to kick on with the night in the comforts of your own home.

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