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Baroq House (Whisky Bar and Belvedere Bar)

9-13 Drewery Ln, Melbourne, VIC
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It Melbournes most luxurious mansion style bar and lounge, offering and extravagant yet intimate space over its two magnificent levels. Relax and indulge your senses in the 16th century splendour of this venue. Providing a truly inspired range of whiskies up to and exceed ing $260 a nip, this place is not for for the faint hearted. If Whiskey is not your pleaseure, head downstairs to the Belvedere bar and try one of 12 outstanding Martini’s.

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Baroq House Review

Review by Rebecca Herrick

Upon setting foot inside Baroq house it’s hard to shake the feeling that we certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Everything about Baroq, from the cobble stoned alleyway that it’s nestled in, to the velvet wall paper and chandeliers, scream 18th Century sophistication.

After a short wait in the red carpeted line we were greeted by the largest, reddest door ever. Behind this the pretty, young door girl asked us for the $20 entry fee (cheaper than we had expected), stamped our wrists and sent us off to explore what Baroq had to offer.

Inside we found walls covered with large mirrors, cabinets full of expensive liquor, champagne glasses and curtained windows. These elements combined with the smell of aged liquor really reinforced the 18th century sophistication that Baroq is known for.

The upstairs section of the venue has two main areas, the bar area and an intimate dance floor.

A long granite bar stretched most of the length of the dimly lit room. Opposite the bar there is ample number of spacious and elegant booths, for those who aren’t quite in the mood for dancing until the wee morning hours.

After cutting across the dance floor and past the toilets we stumbled on to a thin, dark, velvet wallpapered staircase. Trying to resist the urge to stroke the velvet, we made our way down and found ourselves in the middle of the party.

This is where the whole atmosphere of Baroq changes. Instead of your usual mix of popular chart songs from either, usually, house or dance music, this DJ decides to mix it up. He plays a funky mix of classics from 2000 up to the biggest songs of right now. Something the crowd really seemed to enjoy.

The décor is similarly just as elegant as the upstairs. Large couches, leather dining chairs, tables and mirrors line the edges of the main space near the bar.

Drink prices at Baroq are as you would expect for a club like this. For a Canadian Club you’ll pay $10.5 and $13 for a jᾰger bomb. Ladies, do be warned, if you are searching for a cruiser or breezer like pre mix, you won’t find it at Baroq. Champagne, vodka/lemonade varieties and an extensive cocktail list is on the menu for you.

Just like the rest of Baroq, the crowd offers its own class and sophistication. Boys’ wondering around in suits is certainly a perk to be enjoyed at Baroq. Girls also pull out all the stops, wearing their highest shoes and classiest outfits.

At 22 my friends and I are used to being part of the mid to late range of a crowd. But not at Baroq it seems, where the crowd was more mid/late 20’s and older. Occasionally, much older.

Nothing short of a classy night out, Baroq is well worth a look.

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A Second Review of Baroq House

Review By Tegan Dunne

If you’re looking for a night out with just that little touch of class and a break from the standard “dirty beats and sweaty dance floor night,” the Baroq House, affectionately called Baroq, is the place for you.

Baroq is tucked away down an ally way out of the hustle and bustle of the main streets, but is very easy to spot, just look for the velvet ropes and bright lights. Early on lines are not a problem but as the night goes on it can get pretty brutal. After paying $15 to get in (don’t worry, it’s worth the entry fee) your eyes are in for a treat. The decor of Baroq is one of its most amazing features: red velvet, dark wood, funky lamps and lights, golden arches and designs on the wall I cannot even begin to explain are just some of the incredible aspects of the club. The upstairs area is dimly lit and consists of a bar, directly opposite a very cool wall of mirrors, bathrooms, a dance floor and the VIP room.

As the night goes on the downstairs area will open. It has more of a dark and dingy nightclub feel, but in a good way, it’s almost like an underground rave. It also has amazing fury velvet wall paper, very retro. The downstairs room contains two bars, seating, a slightly larger dance floor, more toilets and more mirrors. The music in both rooms is similar; a mix of top forty songs and a lot of current and old school R&B;, just a lot of tunes that are good to move to.

The prices are nothing unusual; standard beer and wine prices and shots are generally the same as anywhere else. The entry price is on the expensive side ($15-$20) but it is the type of club you will stay at all night, so it ends up giving you your money’s worth and then some. The annoying thing however is that EFTPOS had a $20 minimum, so buying one drink on card was not an option and there was always a huge line at the ATM. It is also an extremely long wait to get to the front of the bar, so make sure you stock up on drinks each trip. It does get very crowded, as it isn’t very large and they let many people in, so it can be hard to find any space or fresh air, but you’ll experience that at most clubs.

The crowd on a Friday night was teens to mid twenties, with the odd crowd of older people in their forties, but they don’t really stand out. It is also a place where people get quite dressy. I don’t know if there is a dress code but all the girls wear dresses and heels and a lot of boys wear suits or dress shirts. The end result is everyone looking very dapper in a very fancy place.

As I said, if you’re looking for an elegant or chic night out Baroq House will offer just that, although occasionally with a side of pretentious, depending on the crowd. It has good music, a fun atmosphere and is yet to disappoint. I would recommend everyone try it at least once.

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A Third Review Of Baroq House

Review By Dianne Climent

It was a standard beginning to the night. My friends and I caught a cab into the city, and $60 later there we were in Drewery lane, destination, Baroq House. As expected of any half-decent club on a Friday night, the line was ridiculously long.

So there we were, 5 girls amidst seventy or so others, sporting their latest threads and taking on the rigorous task of waiting out in the cold. Anticipating that red rope to be lifted before us all to step into that world of regrets, excessive alcohol and doof doof beats.

Approximately 2 minutes go by when we decide that waiting in line is utter bullshit and that perhaps one of us should flash something in order to get in quicker. Whilst fighting to see which of the five of us would have the ‘balls’ to do so, we notice a guy with a clipboard approach us. To our delight he wasn’t just some creep with a clipboard he was the doorman, and he was our ticket into the club.

At this point it is safe to admit that we all felt pretty damn special walking past those gazing eyes, which pierced us as we walked to the front of the line. From here on we knew it was going to be a good night.

As we stepped foot into the first of three levels of Baroq, it’s aura of sophistication and class was sensed instantly. The delicate decor, the dim lighting, the ceiling to floor mirrors, candelabras and colour schemes ooze a standard that not many clubs perfect nor even attempt.

We made our way down rather intriguing, narrow stairs, which somehow remind me of Alice in Wonderland. Perhaps it’s the black and white wallpaper, or the fact that they’re so damn narrow. Who really knows? All I know is that once you’ve had a few drinks they’re not as great as you initially thought they were.

The stairs lead us to the bottom level of Baroq where the latest house tunes blare through the speakers. There are swarms of people, the roof is rather low but considering my friends and I are shorties it doesn’t seem to bother us.

A round of Midori and Lemonade, and Wet Pussy shots to kick start the night. It took longer to order the damn drinks, than it did to consume them, but we were buzzing, that was all that seemed to matter.

As we look around we can’t help but notice all the fine men in the club. Not only does the club itself yield sophistication, its crowd does too. The boys play it up with, slacks and shirts, jeans and shirts or full-blown suits. The ladies are absolute stunners too. They wear immaculate make-up, have perfectly styled hair, little dresses and sky-high heels. A perfect mix to perhaps find ‘the one’.

Well apparently I did. Being the joker I am, I happen to steal a hat off some random guy (who ended up being the dude who runs the Friday night at Baroq). He then approached me, and asked me to bare his children. I broke out in laughter, thinking it was the most unique and forward pick up line I had heard in a while.

2 bottles of wine, and 4 Wet Pussy shots later, our bodies gave in and it was time to go. We said a quick bye to the heater sharing, beat dropping security guards, and were back in a cab. This time, destination was home.

Baroq House is a definite must-go-to place. Ladies, if you don’t mind dolling yourself up for a night out on the town and don’t mind rubbing shoulders with exquisite smelling and dressing men then be sure to check it out. Fellers, if actually brushing your hair and getting out of your trackies and Havainas is not a task that proves too difficult, then be sure to make an appearance.

In summary, the Baroq House is the divine cross between sophistication and fun.

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Captured At Baroq House (Whisky Bar and Belvedere Bar)

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