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Alhambra Lounge

12 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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Alhambra Lounge is an award winning nightclub and lounge bar located in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. Alhambra Lounge is the ideal host for yearly special occasions or for an evening of unparalleled entertainment. Alhambra Lounge is one of Brisbane’s premier hubs for quality music, live & electronic, each night exploring a gamut of genres with one thing in common, music with soul. Holding the torch for the countries best House Music alongside a superlative offering of live funk, jazz & hip-hop, Alhambra’s residents are heralded as some of the best around and have supported some of the worlds most revered pioneers of music.

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Review of Alhambra Lounge

Review By Julia Roscoe

Alhambra Lounge is Brisbane’s premier boutique nightclub, and there is a reason for it. Pulling in some of the hottest DJs on the local music scene, for such a small place they really do pack a punch. Open Thursday through Sunday, they really do cater for all sorts of party goers.

We decided to check it out on a Thursday night and by the time we got there, the cool kids had already descended in force. The dancefloor was totally packed, the beer garden was shoulder to shoulder and the bathroom line was out of control. But I can happily say the drink service was timely. With only 1 bar I had expected to wait around for a while, but they are on top of it (and they mix a mean drink!)

There’s plenty of (very comfortable) seats around, so if that’s your thing you can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, while the DJ spins an eclectic mix of old and new. The decor is similar to that of an old-school jazz bar, with leather sofas, grand red curtains and table candles. If you’re looking for a place to have a few quiet drinks, then Alhambra Lounge is not for you, but if you’re out to party then this is the place to be. With a small cover charge of $10 there’s no need to leave in search of a better place; this is the spot you can set up camp for the entire night and not want to leave until the music stops and the lights come on.

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A Second Review of Alhambra Lounge

Review By Hannah Rieck

Alhambra on a Thursday night, known as Lambda is the best place for a student hang out whether to kick back, listen to live music or get cheap $4 basics! If you are into your music and love to dance the night away, Lambda is just the destination. The Valley’s hottest Thursday night nightclub is reminiscent of a high school party and therefore is sure to bring back those heart-felt youthful memories!

The crowd consists of more hipsters than you can count on two hands, with a quirky, indie and more importantly carefree atmosphere! There are often dress up nights, including Superhero or Prom Night, so whether looking for a costume party or a local light-hearted shindig, this is the place for you!

You’ll feel like you’re entering a classy jazz bar with its comfortable couches and red décor, but on closer inspection the people nor music do not reflect anything remotelyjazz-esque. The DJ remixes favourite hipster music from Bloc Party’s ‘Banquet,’ to Ginuwine’s ‘Pony,’ and live bands such as Avalanche City even perform on special Thursdays! There is no chance you won’t find a beat to dance to, chill to or even sing to!

There is a small cover charge of $10, but it’s certainly worth the spending! The best thing about it for you girls is no need to wear heels – you’ll probably get stared at in a bad way if you do, go for comfortable! It is a student circus after all!

Lambda is particularly renowned for its witty sense of humour. How can a club have a sense of humour you might ask? Well it indiscreetly pays out its predominant hipster crowd with entry stamps labelled, ‘Lambda sucks, lol jks,’ or ‘Do not instagram this stamp.’ If you get the joke, then Lambda on a Thursday night is the perfect destination for you!

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