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3D Nightclub

12 McKillop St, Melbourne, VIC
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Wanna hear some quality dance music from the best local DJ’s at one of Melbournes best kept secret venues? 3D is Melbournes longest running Friday night dance club, hasn’t missed a beat for nearly 9 years! It boasts 3 levels with music genres ranging from hardstyle, to hard driving psy, from the most bangin of uplifting trance anthems, to breaks, electro, dub and everything in between, 3D plays it! 3D has some of the most talented and quality local DJ’s, while at the same time it plays host to some of the worlds best international artists.. 3D is renowned for its people and the happy environment. If you want a garanteed good night, 3D is the place. If you walk in with a frown you will walk out with a smile! 🙂

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What to Expect @ 3D Nightclub

Review by Jessica Barlow

With three floors of techno beats, 3D Nightclub off McKillop Street in Melbourne is one of the city’s best hidden gems. Friendly staff, great music and unpretentious patrons make for one of the best atmospheres in the club scene – an absolute must visit for anyone into techno, shuffling or a place that stays open till the early hours.

Entry is $18 ($14 if you’re on a guest list) and is good value. With no apparent dress code, patrons can dress for comfort with anything from hoodies to short shorts, phat pants and skate shoes. Perhaps the only things I wouldn’t wear are high heels – the surest indication of a first time visitor. Loud speakers blast hardstyle techno infused with trance, which easily manages to unite the diverse range of patrons. From 18-year-olds to 35-year-old raving veterans, 3D is a meeting ground for Melbourne shufflers but is by no means exclusive.

With a dance floor on each level and differing decor to suit, there is nothing boring about this place. The bottom floor opens first and features peace signs, neon lasers and the cloakroom ($4 a garment). Surrounding the quite small dance floor is a mismatch of couches, chairs and benches for patrons. You’ll find many people will occupy these all night, content to sit and observe the shuffling of some of Melbourne’s most talented.

Each level provides a dance floor of similar size, around 7m squared. Level one is quite generic in design – nothing too exciting. Level two is decked out in black and white checkered tiles with faux silver chandeliers, gilt framed mirrors and disco balls providing quite a glitzy feel. Also on this floor is a room full of couches – great for worn out bodies to sit and relax. In an adjacent room is a pool table, though it’s quite hard to find behind its black curtain entrance. Grab a game for just $2.

As it gets busier, the third floor is opened up. This level is decked out in a funky psychedelic space theme. Aliens adorn the walls and as you reach the top of the stairs make sure to look up for a glimpse of ‘the Alien’ hanging suspended overhead. Glow sticks light up the room, tacked around the wrists, waists and earlobes of patrons. Smokers will find an outdoor area provided for them on this floor – only opened when busy.

With a bar on every level you can treat yourself to basic spirits at $7.50, pots at $5.00 and cocktails starting from $10. Happy hour operates between 10pm and midnight and most drinks are half price. Service can be a little slow at times, but the bartenders are friendly and regular patrons are served by name, which is uncommon in the nightclub scene.

I will definitely be going there again, and like the regulars I won’t be caring about whom I’m dancing alongside or what price the drinks are – I’ll be there for the music, the shuffling, the great atmosphere and a guaranteed awesome night out.

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