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Not only boasts one of Melbourne’s most intriguing new bar designs, but is also a perfect illustration of Melbourne’s thriving underground cultural scene. Developed from the shell of an old motorcycle repair shop, old relics of its past can be found in every corner.

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The Workshop Review

Review By Verity Trott

A revitalizing explosion of futang, with a stronger splurge of fu outbalancing the tang, almost makes me delirious with its soothing and refreshing qualities as the night begins. Supporting Melbourne’s reputation as the design city of Australia, with its uniquely transformed industrial appearance, Workshop Bar warps recycled metal into retro artwork. Confronted with paintbrushes we are offered the chance to channel our own creative and artistic spirit and add our masterpieces to the canvas of doodles spread across the wall.

The maze of benches and sofas provide an adaptable space for a network of people to easily and free flowingly converse. Although the outside balcony could do with some maintenance work to make it more weather resistant it manages to add to the industrial, work-in-process character of the bar. Steel, tin and other recycled materials are part of a revolution of raw qualities being reworked and integrated into a new culture rather than be abandoned as pieces of an old ethos.

Workshop is sprinkled with plants and miraculously manages to hit the balance between keeping things real and down to earth while simultaneously lulling you into a spacey repose. A deeply relaxed and mellow feeling brought on by the ambient pulse of music, combined with lighthearted chatter equates to a night of utter relaxation. The well-balanced levels of the ambient electronic tracks construct a place for meaningful and intellectual chatter rather than a mindless whirl of dance.

Workshop attracts a very broad diversity of people, catering for absolutely anyone who just simply wants to have a chat and a drink. Groups of students inhabit the tables and are intertwined with older intellectuals up until late 30s. Even the occasional old couple can keep up with the soft and slow rhythms of Workshop. The bar is skewed toward a more hip fashion; a casual but neat street style prominently represents the crowd as opposed to the pressures of glam that surrounding clubs exuberate.

Service is friendly, relaxed and always has an extravagant cocktail special on offer. Free entry plus the very gracious and welcoming attitudes of everyone, presents a wonderful and quirky bar that is inclusive to every individual and group looking for a snatch of peace and tranquility.

Raw materials combined with hip stylistic lighting and art produces an amazing splice of the chic city grace with an unrefined, grunge, underground culture. Barely minutes from Melbourne Central one can experience an alternative, whimsical night out that will pacify the soul while creatively as well as intellectual inspiring and refreshing one’s body and mind.

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A 2nd Look Review of The Workshop

Review By Kat Pollard

Hidden inside the shell of an old motorcycle repair shop is a hub of underground culture, complete with an extensive bar and a relaxed attitude. Once you’ve made it past the cheeky security guards and up the several flights of stairs you enter a different dimension.

Workshop bar has become an institution for many of Melbourne’s ‘in the know’ drinkers bringing in the crowds during the week and the weekend. Despite this instant popularity Workshop hasn’t lost its underground edge and maintains its eclectic vibe to this day. With every night of the week boasting a different style of music, there really is no excuse not to poke your head in. For some acoustic solos check out Tuesday night’s entertainment but if you want to start the weekend with a mix of hip hop, funk, reggae and dub then check out Fridays. Offering the usual drinks, Workshop does beer and cocktail jugs, making it a win-win option for group drinks without breaking the budget.

Workshop sports a great ‘outdoor’ smoking area, which has the appearance of being inside without actually being so, making it a great way to get some air while still being very much a part of the action. Grab a table and a group of friends and enjoy the school yard atmosphere while soaking up the daylight savings. Not afraid to help local artists get recognition, Workshop is often seen dressed in fresh artwork from both established and up and coming artists.

If you’re looking for a feel good, relaxed crowd then you’ll find it at Workshop bar. There’s no one ‘type’ of person, instead just a mix of different people from all walks of life, enjoying good music and a few drinks. From the fresh faced teen, to the worldly bar veteran, Workshop appears to have it all. Don’t worry about dressing up either, casual attire is more than acceptable, in fact you’ll look out of place in anything more than jeans.

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A 3rd Review of The Workshop

Review By Cassie McKay

Located on the corner of Elizabeth and A’Beckett Street behind a garage-rusted door covered in chic graffiti leads a staircase to the second level that is the famed Workshop. Best known for their laid back service and affordable lunches, Workshop has become a hot spot for many on the hunt for an ice cold beer and $10 pizza.

Visually Workshop’s inside bar is a mixture of an art gallery and a factory yard, with scattered pieces of art along the walls and textured metals placed within the interior decor: the raw and edgy environment creates a casual ambience. The dark and rich red tones of Workshop’s inside area is soon brightened by the outdoor smoking balcony, an open area covered in glass windows and plants allows people to sit and soak in the sun whilst enjoying a nice beverage.

Being a regular myself during breaks between classes, there at Workshop you will find a variety of university students, businessmen & women and city locals enjoying themselves away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s city streets.Workshops prices are part of the reason why many go there for snacks and drinks: with a menu of baguettes, fresh dips and pizzas, the menu – although limited – is affordable with $15 being the maximum you’ll pay.

Workshop’s opening hours run till late from Monday to Sunday, so any night of the week Workshop offers a place for people deciding to head out at the last minute or wanting a late night pot or pint. From Tuesday to Sunday Workshop has a range of tunes, with local and touring DJs and talent performing nights: at Workshop you will never be bored.

A calm spot by day, Workshop transforms into a loud, active and usually crowded scene at night with two security guards on watch downstairs and a DJ spinning some tunes. Workshop is not only a great place to go for a casual catch up during the day but an excellent place to have fun at night.

Ironic, yet true: Workshop is a great place to escape work and relax.

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A 4th Review of The Workshop

Review By Chloe Jacobs

If you were told by your friends to meet them at a bar called Workshop on the corner of Elizabeth and A’Beckett Streets in Melbourne’s CBD, you wouldn’t be blamed for getting to the corner and wondering just where the hell this place was. However once you cast your eyes above the plain looking bookshop that lies underneath, you’ll discover a beautiful world beyond the large windows and the industrial looking entrance.

The dichotomy of Workshop’s decorating is evident after you step out of the sleek interior to the more industrial looking outside seating area. Your path along the seemingly never-ending string of benches (illuminated by the many mood-setting candles) ensures that you will spend most of your time seated and not standing (unless you’re busting some moves on the dancefloor). Although not particularly waterproof, the seating area is extremely generous and seems worlds away from the pumping dancefloor, allowing for conversation at a reasonable volume.

There is also always a friendly vibe from the patrons as everyone is just there to chill out, relax and enjoy the scenery. The only thing to watch out for is the venue’s popularity, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. There can definitely be a bit of a line if you don’t arrive on the early side (a line you won’t be in for hours on end, but still long enough to be annoying), however a nice consolation is that you’ll never pay an entrance fee.

Workshop definitely brings people of all ages together: teenagers who have just begun their path of legal drinking to borderline alcoholic veterans visiting straight after work still suited up. Plus if you require a bit of lining for your stomach, you can grab a bite to eat from their delicious lunch menu, or grab a tasty bar snack later on (I definitely recommend the Turkish bread and dips!). Drinks are reasonably priced and range from basic spirits to elaborate cocktails, and always seem to be served with a smile.

With a basic layout, you’ll never get lost. The toilets are also are easily accessible, with a very handy full length mirror in the women’s (you can’t ask for much more)!

One of Workshop’s greatest assets is its versatile nature, perfect for a casual drink or two during the day (of course never during university hours), and ideal for a night out on the town. Every time I am lucky enough to wind up at here I find myself loving it more and more after every sip of my vodka lemon lime and bitters.

Open every day of the week, you’ll very rarely walk past Workshop and see its doors closed, making it extremely easy to wander in and get caught up in its world.

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