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White Rabbit

65 Northbourne Ave, Canberra, ACT
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White Rabbit Cocktail Room is hidden in the heart of Canberra. It welcomes all those who come with young hearts and curious minds, to feast upon the decadent whimsy and marvelous creations it has to bestow.

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What To Expect At White Rabbit

Written by Karolina Firman

Have you ever had the desire to have cocktail that is basically an alcoholic milkshake? Well at White Rabbit you can, its called The Duchess and its magical.

For you not in the know, White Rabbit is an Alice in Wonderland themed, cocktail bar in Canberra that has a drink called “The Duchess”. This bar has cocktails, delicious cakes and some food (of the aperitif variety). Most of the people there were between 25 and 30, barring those three older women who were drinking their cocktails with a gusto that I appreciate.

The two cocktails that we tried were the Duchess (which as aforementioned was basically an alcoholic milkshake) and the Lamar Deux. The Lamar Deux was served in a little teacup, and the main ingredients were absinthe and gin. I preferred my drink, but the Lamar Deux was delicately balanced flavours in an attractive display.

In regards to the deserts, we had the strawberry and vanilla bavarios, and the lemon curd filled doughnuts. These desserts were better than who I am as a person, they were tasty, just the right side of too sweet and beautifully displayed.

The only downside was that it wasn’t as heavily Alice as Wonderland themed as I would have liked. To be fair, the level of Alice in Wonderland themedness that I would like isn’t actually feasible, so based on normal levels of expectations… It had an old-fashioned, but chic colour scheme, with well matched mood music, with a screen that played the old Disney Alice in Wonderland movie. It was pretty glitchy, but oddly enough that made me endeared to the show as I wanted it to succeed.

All and all, White Rabbit can be a bit pricey but for what you’re getting its well worth it for a special night out. Oh my god, The Duchess… so good!

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