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Northbridge, Perth

Voodoo Lounge

174 James St, Northbridge, Perth, WA
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The Voodoo Lounge is a nightclub which has taken a bold new initiative toward entertainment. It is a visually stimulating room, which through use of decor and lighting has taken pole-dancing and cabaret to another level. Our attitude can be seen reflected in our achievements: one of our pole & lap dancers is now with Circus de Soleil in Las Vegas. We are the club of choice for international touring acts when they visit Western Australia. We also have some of the best Pole Dancers, Strippers, and Lap Dancers within Western Australia. Call in and make your evening complete with a visit to the Voodoo Lounge, see if your good enough to play the tipping game with one of our stunning strippers, or dancers.

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Voodoo Lounge Review

Review By Jessica Cleverley

I left Perth at the top of the stairs, and found myself in Amsterdam’s red light district, all over again. That’s how it feels anyway. Immediately, I’m seduced in the red lights, stimulating music, and the dark haired vixen with glasses dancing in front of me.

I’m intoxicated, yet all I’ve had to drink is one of the 8 dollar cocktails. I’m intoxicated with desire. I can’t take my eyes off her.

Let me tell you something. I’ve been to strip clubs before, heck I’ve even been upstage at a sex show in Amsterdam. This is something on a whole other level. Champagne bottles, candles, hot wax, whips, chains, belts: this joint has it all. Nothing is left up to the imagination.

What sets Voodoo Lounge apart from the other strip clubs I’ve been to is interaction. I could go on a rampage with details; instead I’ll let you find out for yourself.The guy/girl ratio was fairly even, I was pleasantly surprised I wasn’t the only female in the joint, despite the obvious. Ladies, why let the men have all the fun?

From a girl’s perspective, the thought of coming to a salacious scene like this can be a little daunting, to say at the least. If need be, swallow some liquid courage; the bar staff know what they’re doing and drinks are a fair price. You only live once, after all.

I started my night here, opposed to the usual formality of it being the last stop before home. Maybe it was the friendly atmosphere, perhaps the rude, raunchy entertainment, or even the cheap entry fee (10 dollars) and easy central location. Whatever the cause, I found myself bouncing with energy as I left, not wanting my night to end just yet… and it didn’t.

So,after experiencing a night out at Perth’s boldest provocative strip club, I’ve come to the conclusion, that sex really does sell. And damn, I want her shoes.

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