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Verandah Bar

60 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW
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A favourite with CBD workers wanting great atmosphere, great food and great value. Home of the $9 Rump on Mondays, $9 Schnitzel on Tuesdays and $10 Chicken Parmigiana on Wednesdays. However if your looking for a sophisticated late night indulgence, then the Verandah Bar is the place to be, overlooking the hustle and bustle of Castlereagh street.

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Bamboo @ Verandah Bar Review

Review by Shirley Liu

The first impression that you’ll get when walking towards the popular Elizabeth Street location is that the lines are long… and there are two of them. But hey – what else would you expect from one of Sydney’s most well known Asian club? Urban Agent, the group that hosts Bamboo, can happily boast a series of successful events and tours with the likes of Ne-Yo, T-Pain and Kelly Rowland.

Conveniently located right next Martin Place, getting to and from the club requires a ten-minute walk from Wynyard Train Station, which isn’t too bad of a walk for the gals in heels. There’s the traditional setting of guest list and non-guest list so make sure you don’t get stuck in the wrong one – security are quite strict there and might push you back! The best way to get onto the guest list is to shoot Urban Agent an email with the names of your group, this can be found on their website on Facebook page.

Non-guest list entry will set you back $25 and VIP entry is $20 (when you’re on the guest list) – quite the standard for clubbing in Sydney.

Before you walk in, remember to take a picture in front of the huge ‘Bamboo’ sign in case you don’t remember the rest of the night with $5 house spirits before 12. Otherwise, the price of the drinks are standard, with a typical Long Island setting you back $18. Typical Smirnoff shots are $8 each. The lines are quite long when the night is still fresh because of their cheap drinks, but that’s easily fixed if you head to the ends of the bar.

Compared to other clubs in the Sydney CBD area, the space is quite large; Verandah comfortably fits in two dance-floors, two bars and one VIP area for birthdays. The crew at Bamboo are extra nice when it comes to your birthday, giving you cupcakes, a bar tab and a fruit platter. The secondary bar is located here and so you can cut the queue. The music played is predominately RnB and mainstream, so chances are you’ll know most of the songs – think Kanye West and Chris Brown. The night starts off slow, but as the night progresses the atmosphere in the room is lively, exciting and buzzy.

The ambience of the room is very low, with coloured disco lights dominating the dance floor encouraging everyone to party. If you need a break from all that, there’s a balcony located at the rear but beware: smokers alert! By midnight, everyone is having a good time on the dance floor and hook-ups are already happening. Scattered around the club are random tables and chairs for your convenience. The crowd is dominantly Asian, but all ethnicities are still present. The age group ranges from 18 to adults, except the majority of the crowd are in their early twenties.

Everyone is dressed well, with Bamboo’s ‘no effort no entry’ policy. But hey, who’s to complain? Everyone loves a good lookin’ crowd!

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Captured At Verandah Bar

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