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Tonik Bar

524 Macaulay Rd, Kensington, VIC
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Tonik is centrally located on Macaulay Road in Kensington Village. Less than ten minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, Tonik is the perfect place for a drink while you are herding all your mates together or the perfect city evening without all the city fuss. Outwardly, Tonik looks just as you would expect any hot suburban bar to look. Funky, a spattering of alfresco seating, big wooden trimmed windows, dull lighting but by no means gloomy. As soon as you walk into Tonik you will feel as comfortable as if you have just walked into your mates lounge room. Step inside and you will immediately be encompassed in a warm and inviting room. On the right, an open fire place. All around, mismatched and well-worn-in couches. On the left, a scattering of tables and at the rear, the main event – the bar. With the laid back, coastal chill type vibes of Xavier Rudd and Donavon Frankenreiter, or the up beat vibes of the mint collection, there is something musically for everyone. Come in on a Sunday and there will more than likely be live music going for your audio pleasure.

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Tonik Bar Review

Review By Chris Sutton

We all love to party, and understand that long lines and rather excessive entry fees are part of the experience. While this is the case for many of Melbourne’s best nightspots, there are a few gems that can be found littered throughout the borders of the city, waiting to be discovered and responsible for an amazing night out.

One such bar is Tonik, located near the Kensington station, two stops away from the CBD. With no fees other than purchases, and enough room within to be free of annoying queues, Tonik continues to impress on every occasion, so much so that I had my 21st birthday at the venue over two years ago.

Walking in to the building, patrons are confronted with colourful furniture spread out around a room illuminated by abstract paintings and memorable decoration. A bar stands at the end of the space, displaying all the best beers and wines while complete with a cocktail list filled with colour and challenge. Even the bathrooms contain thought, with walls covered by large movie posters and the like.

Prices are another highlight, with craft tap beer such as White Rabbit, Mountain Goat and Little Creatures available, costing $6.50, while stubbies of Carlton Draught, Coopers and Pure Blonde are the same. Imported beers and cider become slightly more expensive. Basic spirits, which come in a large glass, are priced at $7, with an upgrade to the top shelf being only an extra dollar. Cocktails ($13-$15) were the best value, with over 25 to choose from (including the likes of Bubble Gum, Melon Lace, Toblerone and Rocky Road) while shooters ($8) rivalled for colour, grandeur and potency.

Different occasions render a different vibe. Most Friday nights are chill sessions, with couches occupied and bright examples of alcohol set upon the tables, conversation and music.

filling the air. Saturdays are when the party starts, pumping both current and indie beats amidst a crowd that takes advantage of price and service. The bartenders are extremely friendly, not afraid to mingle with the crowd and suggest drinks. Attendees are that of an age between 20-30, usually in small groups and either enjoying pre-drinks before a night on the town, or content with surroundings and the atmosphere within. An upstairs dance floor is provided, though usually contains a party or event, limiting the chance for clubbing and dance, which would be a problem for some, though does not diminish the value and feeling.

Many seek a night of moves and crowds, others desire a bar stressing affordable prices, rare comfort and a location that is close enough to the city to start or conclude a big night.

Every time I have been to Tonik, the employees and customers have been friendly and including, ready for a good time away from sleaze and danger.

The bar is waiting, and it’s time for another round… see you there.

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