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The Zoo Nightclub

711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD
(07) 3854 1381

For the uninitiated, The Zoo is Brisbanes’ most long standing live music venue/nightclub. We cater to the more independant end of the musical spectrum, and are open Wednesdays – Saturdays, and some Sundays. In any week you could see anything from beats, hip hop, jazz, rock, and pop to acoustic, folk, dub and reggae. As the number 1 venue in Brisbane for live music, The Zoo has played host to a raft of amazing events and is solely responsible for some of the biggest nights out in Brisbane.

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The Zoo Nightclub Review

Review By Renae Soppe

I am a huge advocate that live music is always the best music. Walking down Ann Street in The Valley I can hear the music blasting out from various nightclubs, some techno, some RnB, some chart music. But the music that seems to overpower all the rest is the overwhelming raw energy from a live band. Using the best of my senses I found the music coming from a second story old school warehouse, The Zoo Nightclub.

This quaint goldmine of a club offers a really relaxed atmosphere were friends can just catch up and enjoy some original live music, although conversation might be hindered by the volume of the music. It provides an epic stage for up and coming artists the size of a small concert hall. It is clear that the designers of the club wanted to focus on the music, with the layout of the converted warehouse providing the optimum view of the performers. From the raised bar, numerous chairs and bar stools, and tour poster littered walls this place screams ‘live gig’.

The Zoo Nightclub can host up to five bands per night. The talented DJ incorporates the genres of the bands through playing music that gently tied the previous and impending band during the stage changes. This eliminated the stop start feeling often portrayed at live shows featuring numerous bands.

Who knew a place like this existed in The Valley? Even on a random Thursday night the bands were of the best quality with in captivating music styles and stage presence. There is nothing I love more that sipping on a classic pony neck bottled beer and playing pool, all the while listening to original alternative independent music. The Zoo Nightclub provides the perfect escape from the hectic atmosphere of The Valley streets where one can dive into the synchronicity of a simple melody or riff.

A 2nd Review of The Zoo Nightclub

Review By Maria Bailey

Established twenty years ago, The Zoo, situated in the heart of Fortitude Valley continues to be a long-standing favourite among Brisbane’s music enthusiasts. With the love of music as the primary grounds for its existence, The Zoo’s creators have produced a fantastic cult venue/nightclub hosting a range of talent from opposite ends of the musical spectrum.

Running from Wednesdays to Saturdays and the occasional Sunday, in any given week you can attend an assortment of gigs from hip-hop, rock, reggae, jazz, dub and acoustic, catering to all tastes. While the venue is quite compact holding a maximum of 400 people, don’t let this fool you, the likes of Biffy Clyro, Silver Chair, Gomez and hundreds if not thousands more have graced this venues worn stage, etching their tunes into the walls, floors and foundations of this little treasure.

Even though The Zoo hosts an impressive number of acclaimed local, national and international artists, it prides itself on promoting and supporting younger and newer bands and is therefore a great place to discover the fresh talent breaking out onto the music scene. The venues eclectic decor gives off some-what underground feel, with an unusual red hue lighting adding to it’s quirky appeal. There’s a pool table and a bar set in the back of the room, offering a variety of spirits, wine and beer on tap, charging $5.50 for a local brew. Seating is available but it’s limited, so if you would like to sit back with a drink before the leading act draws you to your feet, make sure you arrive early to claim those seats.

Students, ageing rockers and the plain music mad turn up to this hotspots doors in their masses, with no added pressure of a restrictive dress code. Due to the venues size, punters are promised an intimate up-close and personal affair with their favourite band, ensuring a memorable night for all and securing The Zoo’s position as Brisbane’s number one venue for live music.

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