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The Trinity Bar

28 Challis St, Dickson, ACT
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Canberra’s favourite cocktail lounge located in Dickson. Trinity Bar is one of the most enjoyable cocktail bars ever to grow in Canberra, renowned for its buzzing atmosphere, top-notch cocktails and the best music from local and national artists. Trinity Bar is your destination when you need to get off the beaten track, with friendly bartenders waiting to make your time out a very special experience.

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The Trinity Bar Review

Review by Laura Mann

Only a few kilometres away from the city, Trinity Bar is a world away from the ordinary. Tucked away in the heart of downtown Dickson, Trinity bar separates itself and offers an alternative experience to any other bar in the Capital. At Trinity, you could say it’s all about the music. This hip hangout is well known for its prevailing taste in tunes. Hosting popular resident DJs each night as well as fast becoming Canberra’s top location to catch international and interstate acts, Trinity Bar is definitely the place to be when it comes to Canberra’s music scene. Attracting Canberra’s hipster population, positioned in such an out-of-the way location, Trinity evokes an individual, but very cool vibe.

The downside is that if you are looking to have a wild night out club hopping, then don’t head to Trinity as you won’t be near any other bar or nightclub, which is a tad inconvenient, so either everyone pitches in for the cab ride into the city or you simply stay put. Spending the whole night at Trinity and having a good time is surprisingly possible though as the bar offers constant entertainment. Whether it be hitting the small dance floor, kicking back on the leather lounges, or the outdoor seating area while listening to Canberra’s talented DJs compete and showcase what they have to offer, you do feel as though you’re chilling out in the ‘cool kids hang out’, a perfect blend of big city trends in a secluded and laidback atmosphere.

The bar’s interior also compliments this laidback while trendy vibe with dim lighting, wooden feature walls and tables as well as eye-catching chandeliers. However, the most attractive feature is the bar alone. Surrounded by ceiling-hung beer taps with a large island bench displaying all types of wine and spirit bottles accompanied by glowing blue lights, the bar is quite unique and can be somewhat interesting to look at while you wait for your drink.

During Trinity’s peak on a Saturday night, it can get very busy and over-crowded in the small bar, and you’ll often have to wait at least five minutes for a drink to then find once you get your drink, there’s nowhere to sit. Trinity Bar also offers an exotic cocktail list featuring delicious dessert cocktails starting at around $15 being a reasonable price for a quality drink, while beer and spirits prices range from around $7, much the same as any other bar in Canberra.

Trinity Bar is open Wednesday to Sunday from 3pm where the atmosphere is ever changing. During the afternoons and weekdays, Trinity is perfect for sipping a cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere while attracting an older age group ranging between 20-30 years. However, during the night it does become quite loud and busy attracting a young hipster scene aged between 18-25 who are a bit more keen for a dance. The bar can become extremely congested and the floor very sticky on a busy night and that’s where the bar loses its classiness. Depending on what night you attend, there is a free cover charge but can be a little more expensive if a guest DJ is playing, which is often the case on a Friday or Saturday.

If you’re keen to steer clear from the city and hear what Canberra’s local DJs have to offer while sipping a cocktail with like-minded partygoers and socialites, then Trinity is your perfect destination.

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