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Fitzroy, Melbourne

The Standard Hotel

293 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy, VIC
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Before the advent of smart phones and GPS, the Standard Hotel was a well kept secret, although in truth it was maybe a bit too hard to find sometimes. Lurking in a street not much more than an alley, in a maze of one-way streets – it doesn’t even sit on a corner. People were pretty sure they had been there but they couldn’t remember the name and they thought it was near Brunswick Street and they may have been a bit out of it when they left? In an age of designer decor and themed bars, the Standard has no discernible props of TABs, pool tables, jukeboxes, happy hours or blindness-inducing cocktails. People ask what sort of entertainment we have, to which we reply – “You are it” and this encapsulates the essence of the Standard’s longevity – it is many things to many people.

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