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The Stamford Inn

Cnr Stud & Wellington Road, Rowville
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The name says it all. If you’re a jock from way back or a new age sportsman, the Sports Bar has all your sporting events covered. With a large wide screen and several other televisions around the room, you will always get the best coverage in the house.

Alternatively, try Flanagan’s Irish Bar for festivities every night of the week.

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The Stamford Inn Review

Review by Aaron Pereira

If you ever find yourself 36km South-East of Melbourne in the tranquil suburb ofRowville, venture down to Flanagans for your nights entertainment.

Affectionately known to the locals as the “Stammo” (as per its location at theStamford Inn), this pub/club is a welcome inclusion to the area that alreadyboasts Green Apple and Noizy Neighbours right around the corner. Two massive nightsa week cater to party people of all ages with the Friday Night romp tailored to thenewly discovered adults (ages 18-22) as well as the Saturday which promotes the over28’s to get down and dirty on the dance floor.

Now what I am about to say may cause heart failure and panic attacks globally butyes, the Stammo’s does have free entry on 95 per cent of its nights, with the other5 per cent worthy of a cover fee because of the well noted DJ’s that drop in,including names such as Stick Mareebo and Andy Murphy to name a few. The Stam alsohas two smokers areas, one covered outdoor area, an easy access bar and a dancefloor big enough for the crowd of a Pitbull concert. The dimmed lighting gives offthat intimate atmosphere feel upon entry, which is quite easy if you are 18+ andhoodie-less, but this is contrasted by the new school beats featuring all your top40 hits as well as some timeless classics, my favourite being the “Hip Hop Hooray”mix that cannot be beaten, which allows the lads and lasses some time to getacquainted whilst busting out their A-Grade moves.

Lasers, strobe lights and smokes machines often accompany the beats but this is madetwenty times more interesting when you take advantage of the drink specials on hand.These include and are not limited to: $4.50 pots, $5 Wet Pussies, $5 Jam Donuts (Iknow right!), $5 Skittle Bombs and plenty more in store on any given night for thoseout to spend as little money as possible and still not remember it in the morning.

There is an ATM in the building next door as well as being a short 100-metre walkaway from the local convenience store and fast food restaurant.

Decked out with anindoor seating area for when the dancing shoes become painful and blister-filled aswell as booths for some one-on-one time, this little nugget tucked away in thecorner of the suburbs can give you a night you will never want to forget.

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