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Fitzroy, Melbourne

The Snake Pit Lounge

386 – 388 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
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The Snake Pit Lounge is a chilled out funky lounge, perfect for dinner, drinks or for relaxing with a coffee. We offer fantastic food and great deals in an inviting atmosphere enhanced with art by well known local personality Henry Maas, previous owner of the famous Night Cat, Black Cat and Blue Diamond. We have an upstairs events/functions room and if you wish you can also book the entire Snake Pit Lounge which has a license for 290 people.

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Snake Pit Lounge Review

Review By Chloe Sesta Jacobs

If you are walking up and down Brunswick Street trying to find Mirrors Lounge Bar you are going to be looking for quite some time, as it simply doesn’t exist anymore! Nowadays it’s known as The Snake Pit, but never fear as the quite literal decor of the formerly Mirrors Lounge is still a prominent feature, making it a narcissist’s heaven!

As The Snake Pit is still trying to form its own identity, there isn’t an enormous range of drink specials, but every week day you can grab a Heineken for $5 and it’s a mere $10 for a mojito! Keep your eye out because a cocktail and specials menu is in the works as I type.

With a delicious looking, extremely temping all-vegetarian menu, featuring treats such as $10 schnitzels, as well as onion rings, dips and breads, you can choose to eat while sitting at the couches, or a more formal setting at the diner style tables and chairs they have on offer.

After taking a seat at one of the extremely comfortable and stylish couches with my friend and drink, I was presented with a complimentary serving of popcorn that put a smile on both our faces. The lovely service is definitely noticeable and adds to the relaxed and casual setting that The Snake Pit has on offer.

After enquiring as to where the toilets were, I thought I was being fooled after the bartender told me they were “behind the red curtains”, however the trek to my destination was an adventure in itself! I found out I wasn’t played for a fool after I peeped behind the curtain and found a toilet sign pointing up some stairs. Walking up, I was met with two more sets with the walls boasting countless mirrors along the way. Relieved, I eventually reached a door with a female sign and entered. Just when I thought I had seen all the mirrors in the world, I was faced with more but also discovered the cleanest toilets I had possibly ever seen.

Open from 5pm until late Monday till Saturday, and from 12pm until late on Sundays, The Snake Pit is an appropriate place for a drink any time of the day. It’s both casual yet elegant meaning you can never be under or overdressed. Perfect for a few casual pre-drinks however you could easily end up spending the night there because of its relaxed and fun atmosphere.

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