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The Pool Club (At the Ivy)

Level 4, 320 George St, Sydney, NSW
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There has never been an oasis quite like the Ivy’s Pool Club, and it’s certain to be one of Sydney’s most sought after spaces – a spot to see and be seen, and without question would have to be one of the most amazing venues in Sydney’s rich bar and nightclub scene.

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The Pool Club Review

Review By Kelly Teng

The Ivy is notorious for its elitism, expensiveness, and for just being luxurious in general. Naturally, when I went there I was uncertain of what I’d expect, but The Pool Club certainly does live up to The Ivy’s reputation. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing though depends on what you want from your night.

Firstly, being able to get into The Pool Club is always a mission because you have to get into The Ivy first. The general rule about getting in is that you either have to be there really early, be on someone’s guestlist, or just be pretty hot overall. The Ivy has an entry fee on Saturday nights, so don’t decide to go up to the Pool Club unless you’re sure that $20 is worth it.

However, when I reached the Pool Club I was impressed. The vibe was summery, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. There was a decent amount of seating and the place just exuded a type of luxuriousness that just can’t be found at most Sydney clubs. The area was constantly kept clean by the numerous staff (and you would hope so, because Justin Hemmes doesn’t have all that money for nothing), and the pool looked ridiculously inviting on a hot Saturday night…and as I found out, after a few drinks most of the guests have the same idea and decide to jump into the pool, which provides for half an hour or so of entertainment.

Of course, drinks at The Pool Club are both delicious and expensive. My friend and I ordered two drinks (We just asked for “whatever is nicest” and got a drink called The Palm) and ended up paying $38 for it altogether. It was a great cocktail, but it’s up to each person to decide whether or not that $19 is worth forking out for a half-filled glass with about 2 shots in it. My biggest problem with the bar though was the bartenders: the bar was relatively empty and there were about 5 staff there, yet it still took 15 minutes to get a drink. I began to have the feeling that the bartenders were ignoring me – especially after my friend tried to get their attention multiple times and they turned away and began cleaning – and nobody wants to go to a place where they feel like they aren’t worth it.

When it comes to the people at the Pool Club, you will probably find yourself surrounded by a mid-20s group. The younger crowd tends to head more into the other side of the Ivy where the music is pumping and people are packed in close together, while the older guests hang out by the water and sip on their drinks. Don’t come to The Pool Club if you’re looking for a huge dance floor because you won’t find it; what you will find instead is groups of people that are dressed to impress, and laughter in the form of watching people try and drag other people into the pool with them. But because there are still a few people dancing, the music caters to both the people that want to sip their drinks and the people that want to dance.

The Pool Club in The Ivy is one of those places that has extreme upsides and downsides…but if there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that every Sydneysider should be seen here at least once.

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Marco Polo Sunday at the Ivy Pool Club Review

Review by Alice Worthy

I am no socialite, have no famous friends, and am a uni student who is careful where I put my pennies. But when I walk into the Ivy Pool Club on a Sunday afternoon, I feel like I have just landed in the most exclusive club in Cancun, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. With private cabanas for those who reserve them, heaps of intimate seating areas dotted around the 25m pool, and 3 different bars, this is a venue unlike any other in Sydney.

The vibe of Marco Polo Sunday’s at the Ivy is uplifting and addictive. Resident DJs play house music whilst the 18-30 year old crowd is enjoying cocktails and pizzas poolside. The pool is open to everyone and on hot summer Sundays, there is no shortage of and guys and gals taking a dip. There is a Sunday volleyball competition with free bar tabs and drink cards as an incentive to get in the pool (not that they need one). But be warned: there are towels available for $10 so if you want to save that money for half a cocktail, be prepared to air dry!

One of the perks of a Sunday session at the Ivy is the free entry before 5pm ($10 after) and $5 drinks from 1pm-3pm: and let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a $5 Vodka sunrise?

But once the $5 drinks wear off, prepare yourself for an expensive slog ahead. I saw a few people sipping on something inside a large shell. I asked the cute shirtless bartender for “what she had” and it cost me more than $20 Pretty expensive for sugared cherries, ice, a shot of vodka and 4 straws right?

After leaving the bar, I quickly realized I didn’t just pay $22 for the ingredients of my drink; I paid to have the popular drink of choice and felt like I became an instant celebrity. 4 or 5 people came up to me to ask what it was, whether they could taste it and it’s price.

It became obvious that Pool club is all about the crowd. Most people are really friendly because everyone is having such a great time, but don’t go if you’re not prepared to have people look and check out at what you’re wearing or what you’re drinking – it comes with the territory.

Pool Club accommodates everyone and their needs, but depends on the time of your arrival. If you just want to sit by the pool with cool summer beats and your friends, Pool Club is the place to be from 1pm. If you love to dance and go hard because you don’t have to work on a Monday, downstairs in the change room is the place for you from dusk where there is a dance floor and DJ playing more commercial and danceable music.

What sets Sunday sessions at Pool club apart, is that you can sit down with friends and actually have a conversation that can be heard over music, and then head down stairs when you’re ready to have a dance: it’s the best of both worlds. It’s been talked about everywhere, and if you haven’t been, this is the summer to go.

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