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Phillippe Starck mirrors, Glorious crystal chandeliers, Sleek art installations, Breathtaking bay-views over two levels of sumptuous function areas Welcome to The Pier @ Port Melbourne. The Pier is a heady mixture of restaurant, bars, function spaces and private roof top decking. It’s an urban destination of dining, mingling and celebrating. Make a call. Catch up with friends. Hold a lavish cocktail bash, or chill over a latte. Either way you’ll begin to appreciate what all the fuss is about.

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By Mia Gaitanidis

During October 1840, Wilbraham F. E. Liardet built the ‘Brighton Pier Hotel’ on the shores of Port Melbourne. After a long and treacherous sailing journey from his homeland Chelsea, London, Wilbraham decided Port Melbourne was his new home. Never could he have imagined that his grand creation would still be celebrated today as ‘The Pier’.

You would never guess by looking at The Pier of its historic past. As you open the glass door and enter into the large restaurant area, you notice the grandness of the building with its high ceilings and tall arched windows.

The central element of The Pier is a sparkling horseshoe shaped bar area overflowing with bottles and glasses, begging to be drunk. Moving ahead there are bar stools and tables that lead to a rather retro-modern lounge area, complete with cool couches, coffee tables and fireplaces.

Even further there is a fantastically designed courtyard complete with a full size bar, more couches and a full length water wall. This amazing water feature adds to the relaxing nature and coolness of the space. It’s perfect for those hot summer nights.

Coloured lighting is used spectacularly throughout the building creating pastel tones on the cream coloured walls. It’s reminiscent of Miami Beach, but with retro furniture. The lounge area is sectioned off into smaller areas allowing for more intimate and private settings for those preferring it.

On Friday and Saturday nights the bar heaves with ‘dressed to impress’ young 20 something’s, looking for a laugh, a drink and Ibiza style tunes. The hotter the weather, the more packed it gets and the hotter the party becomes. During the week it’s a lot quieter and somewhat older – perfect for catch up drinks with friends.

Drinks are generally average priced and at around $16, cocktails are slightly cheaper than most bars in the CBD (who can charge $20 a pop). There’s a good range of beers and wines, and tapas food is available (however not great for the price and not recommended). Try the Lychee Martini or the Orange Blush cocktails – both delicious.

The beauty of The Pier rests not only on the actual building and decor, but the views of palm trees, the beach and the Port Melbourne Yacht Club literally across the road.

Located at 1 Bay St, it is only a few minutes’ drive away towards the north to the CBD, a few minutes east to St Kilda and a few minutes west to the West Gate Bridge – an ideal location for busy people who don’t want to be too far away from the action, yet still want to enjoy the beach lifestyle.

William F.E. Liardet would be a happy man if he could experience a drink at The Pier today. What an amazing journey it has had.

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