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Docklands, Melbourne

The Nixon Hotel

757 Bourke St, Docklands, VIC
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An unparalleled selection of liquor, beer and wine from local and international shores. With nine metres of illuminated back bar as a feature, the ability to showcase our vast selection of spirits, liqueurs, bottled beers and wine is never a problem. pouring 8 supremely presented ice cold draught beers for our clientele to choose from, approximately 150 local and international wines on our list and an endless array of bottled beers, spirits, liqueurs and cocktails to quench any type of thirst imaginable. The decor is of warm culture using wooden floors, solid wood wall panelling to compliment the Old English style Tavern Bar, designed for the patron looking for a relaxing nd enjoyable night out.

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The Nixon Hotel Review

Review by Hayden Stojkovic

You want a well cooked meal for an extremely fair price, and perhaps a glass of delicious red wine to wash it down? If so, The Nixon Hotel will deliver in spades.

Upon entering, the first attraction that will catch your eye is the glorious bar. The back bar has a ridiculous amount of bottles on display, with lighting over the top which really makes it stand out. The place carries a heavy wooden theme with the floor, bar, chairs and tables all made of wood. Everything is maintained wonderfully, with workers constantly keeping the place at a glistening shine, and in a rather magical way, the place exudes a classical elegance, but remains modern at the same time. One problem is that with all the tables and chairs set up for customers to sit and eat meals, there’s minimal room if you just want to sit at the bar and have a drink. There are a handful of stools, and not much space to move, because if you took a wrong step, you would be interrupting people’s meals.

Inside The Nixon, there is a very mature crowd. If you are a teenager, or somebody who is in their early twenties, unless you are on a date, this probably is not the best place to attend. The crowd is usually severely dominated by twenty five years and older, and a majority of people are on dates, or with their families enjoying a meal. If you are single to mingle and on the prowl, you are very likely to find yourself turned down more times than Johnny Bravo.

Whilst it may not be the place to participate in a rave, you are still able to strike up a friendly conversation with a stranger. The crowd is very casual, and due to the family orientated mood of things, everybody is easy to approach.

The prices of the food and alcohol are all standard for eat in bistro/bar type locations. You can pay in between $15 and $25 for a meal, whilst alcohol is at a standard price as well.

The only real negative is the lack of room in the place. In between the hours of six and eight, when everybody is having their meals, the place can feel like a sauna. You simply run out of oxygen because even when you are at the bar, there is nowhere to go. This place is a must for a nice family dinner or date, but I would recommend elsewhere if you are looking for a rowdy drink with friends.

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