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The Hawthorn Hotel

481 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC
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Located in Hawthorns leafy Swinburne University precinct, it is no surprise that by day the Hawthorn Hotel is a favourite spot for the local student population. With a sun drenched, award winning outdoor decked beer garden complete with a barbeque area, there is no better place to spend a sunny afternoon or book it out for a private function.

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Tight Arss Tuesdays at The Hawthorn Hotel Review

Review by Stacey De Haas

For those who think the past weekend is just a distant memory and the looming one is still too far away, the Hawthorn Hotel provides teenagers with a reason to survive the week with Tight Arss Tuesdays.

Located at 481 Burwood Road in Hawthorn, the Hawthorn Hotel provides a drinking sanctuary for 18-20 year olds to escape from their responsibilities of school and work. Called Tight Arss Tuesdays for a reason, the Hawthorn Hotel is free entry and has drinks prices of $10 double blacks, $5 basic shots, $4 vodka raspberries until 10pm and $13 jugs.

With being captured in a photo at the Hawthorn a teenage rite of passage, the Hawthorn staff have upped their antics with anyone being circled in these photos on Facebook receiving a bottle of free shots for the night.

Having coined the term, “Who isn’t going to the Hawthorn tonight?” this self proclaimed uni bar provides a relaxed environment where sitting, talking and drinking with friends is required.

Upon entering the Hawthorn, greeted by the friendly bouncers, you enter the main dance floor area and bar. The carpeted dance floor provides soft cushioning for your feet as shuffle along to such Hawthorn classics as “Party Rock Anthem” and “Levels.” The band stage situated at the back of the dance floor provides an excellent space for drunk conducting the crowd and publicly displaying your hookup for the night. Next to the main bar are the lounges and pool tables as well as the second, smaller bar of the Hawthorn, provided for those who just want a chill night out with their friends and a few jugs of cider.

Opposite to this room is the downstairs smoker’s area filled with several long tables and people running to have a quick smoke before their new favorite song comes on. Although an ideal space to sit and relax with your friends due to the warmth provided by the outdoor heaters, this area fills up quickly and if you want a seat you have to horror of horrors, get to a bar before 9pm. Heading up the stairs you find the main outdoor areas with plenty of tables and ashtrays for you and your friends to drink and smoke until you get in a drunk enough state to dance. This area provides plenty of time to start conversations with hot randoms without the packed scene of a club.

The best time to experience all the Hawthorn Hotel has to often is during the school year, as on holidays the venue becomes of crowded and sweaty with high school kids and anyone in the area who has Wednesdays off. A break in the middle of the week for uni students, Tight Arss Tuesdays has a relaxed, drunk environment that will keep you coming back for weeks on end.

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