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The George

216 St Georges Terrace
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The George Perth is a contemporary, sophisticated bar and restaurant with an eclectic range of dining and beverage on offer.The George has won many accolades including the 2009 Gold Plate Best Restaurant within a Tavern and the 2009 AHA Award for Excellence Best Contemporary Bar and Best Wine List. The George has also been nominated by the Australian Bar Awards as Best New Hotel of the Year 2009.

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The George Review

Review by Rhiannon Williams

While most new small bars are hiding themselves away down alleys and side streets of Perth, The George has positioned itself smack bang in the West End of St Georges Terrace for all to see and admire. The bar has been making a name for itself for a number of years now as one of Perth’s best new spots with its modern and elegant décor and an award winning range of beers and cocktails on offer.

Positioned in the overwhelmingly British London House, the vibe The George seems to be channelling is the chic and well-designed bars that sit along the Yarra River in Melbourne or Darling Harbour in Sydney. The attractive bar staff also adds to this notion. There is nothing understated about The George and the crowd here accept and appreciate this.

The target crowd for this place would be the 25-35 year olds that work only just across the road in Perth’s business centres. On a Friday evening, this crowd wanders in for a drink or two. Regardless of the vibe of the place the good thing about the George is that the drink prices don’t try to match the sophisticated interiors. Cocktails are priced around $20 each and they also offer punch bowl cocktails, excellent for a night out with the girls. The beers list is also not overly expensive with most beers being priced around the $10 mark. The ladies and gentlemen however do harness the elite atmosphere by dressing accordingly. While there is no explicit dress code it would be fair to say if you were a female not wearing a pretty cocktail dress and heels you would feel under dressed and the same goes for the boys (wearing a suit of course).

Despite the lush design of The George you can’t help but feel a slight pretentious and stiff attitude by both the bar and the crowd itself. The boys drink their beers and discuss the current economic climate and the ladies stand around looking lovely as they sip on their cocktails. The staff are not all that keen for a joke or even a smile, but you don’t care too much as the cocktails are too good. However, if you were after a place to take shots and Jagerbombs at the bar with your mates I wouldn’t be recommending The George.

Nevertheless the success of the bar leaves you with no doubt that it will be there making its mark on Perth’s small bar scene for many more years to come. If you are looking for somewhere to be seen on a Friday night that boasts good drinks and music this place is it. If you are out for a big night this would be the place to start off to appreciate your first few drinks and leave when you are starting to feel merry and head to somewhere a bit more relaxed.

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