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The Deen Hotel

84 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, WA
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Completely unique from every other venue. With 9 different bars and a huge selection of music including commercial dance, dirty electro, sexy house, breaks, rare grooves and party hits. This selection is a promise to please.

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What to Expect @ The Deen

By Breeana Humphreys

Sitting majestically in the middle of Northbridge is The Deen, a popular club choice for many young Perth people. Now, free entry clubs in that part of town have always made me a bit iffy. It can have the tendency to attract the type of people that prefer to settle their issues with a brawl rather than a good old fashioned dance off. Yet after my night at The Deen I’m still kicking away!

I’m putting this down to the size of the place. The Deen is massive, consisting of nine different bars. I started my Saturday night at the smaller boutique bar, which has a distinctly Modern Edwardian feel to it. This can perhaps be due to the fireplaces and the girls in tight dresses. I have heard fusion is fashionable. Anyway, it’s newly renovated and was a nice place to sit with friends and have a couple of drinks.

Wandering through the place at midnight, we were starting to wonder where everybody was. And then we stumbled (literally) across the huge dance floor. Packed with people, the DJ played a lot of dance/top 40 music that kept everyone busting out the moves.

The drink prices are pretty average, except on Manik Mondays when you can get $8.50 jugs and $5.60 spirits. Mix that with a limbo competition and the pretty soon you’re favourite day of the week will be Monday.

Particularly popular with University students and those under 25, The Deen is one of those venues that has something for everyone. Whether you choose the live-band or dance music, an intimate bar or a club dance floor, you can guarantee on having a fun night out.

The Deen is open Monday and Saturday 6pm-2am, Thursday and Friday 5pm-2am and Sunday 4pm-10pm.

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A 2nd Look @ The Deen

By Delysha Pick

The Deen on Monday is Perth’s Industry night of nights. The who’s who of hospitality comes out to play outside the bar after a hard weekends work behind the bar. When the Deen hosts this event every Monday, big things are expected as their greatest critics are those in the know. I took a look last Monday to see if the Deen can impress.

The Deen is known for its impressive decor, with many of Perth’s modeling talent using this location (almost weekly) as a hotspot for photoshoots. The Industry’s bar has possibly had more bare naked skin on top of it than any beach in Swanborne, this may or may not include my own. The interior decor ranges from deep purples, greys, blacks and feature reds, very impressive on the eyes with a cosy, warm and sophisticated feel. Seating area within the industry section is ample, a perfect place for a weekly catch up with mates. However in the outsiders area there is minimal seating and patrons forced to stand, smoke in the two designated smoking areas, play pool or boogie the night away to the band on the dancefloor.

Ages in the venue range from 18 to 30, with a general happy party vibe here.

Drinks prices are a real winner in the Industry section. I’m personally not too sure how management make a profit from them starting from $5 for any base spirits, shooters and possibly the cheapest Jager Bombs in Perth. If you’re a drinker and love to party, there is no, and I mean no, cheaper place to be. The drinks are not only of value for money but of high quality and class. Fresh limes in your glass seem a distant memory at some night clubs but not here, if you smile nicely enough as Andy he’ll give you two. Drink service is also as bigger tick than the price. If I had to mark drink service off on a check list I would not just tick the box but cover the whole box with gold stars. Andy and the boys have really transformed the art of flairing to make your drink purchase and experience, not just a purchase. Watching the boys ‘do their thing’ is something words cannot really describe. With more ice in the air at times than in the ice wells, the boys clearly pull off their best moves to show the other industry workers just what the Deen is made of. Two big thumbs up in the department from me.

The atmosphere is quite relaxed. A good tempo for meeting up with friends, having a few drinks (or a few too many) and having a good old chat. The newly renovated outside smoking area within the Industry section is as impressive as the Brisbane Hotel courtyard. Hightables and chairs in matched with the plant pots and lighting truly set the mood for an enjoyable night out. Another positive for the venue is the venue manager himself, yes the one and only Mr Smiley Theeps. It is good to see, actually it’s fantastic to see, a manager interacting with patrons and welcoming them to the venue, I haven’t noticed this at any other Perth venue yet. This one on one welcoming approach not only impresses me, but keeps the other industry workers coming back week after week.

The Deen’s most popular nights are Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The venue is also a well known hangout for backpackers so if you’re looking for a Swedish lass in desperate need of a marriage visa, and lets face it what single man isn’t, head on down and you might just bag that blonde haired, blue-eyed girl you’ve been waiting for. Jokes aside, I have to say the Deen on a Monday is hands down my venue of choice for the entire week. I much prefer to be a critic than a free advertisement but I must give credit where credit is due. The Deen truly comes up triumphs over any club I have seen in Perth so far. It is a tribute to the venue to hold the Industry night itself and has clearly been recognized in the industry as one of Perths leading venues. A big 10 out of 10 from me (and remember this as it will possibly never happen again). Highly recommended.

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A 3rd Look @ The Deen

By Ashley Huston

The Deen Hotel in Northbridge is one of Perth’s most well known nightclubs and one of the largest.

Popular with new 18 year olds on a Saturday night, the line can grow to reach halfway down the block by as early as 10 o’clock. Fridays tend to draw a crowd aged between 18 and 25 and the queue is considerably smaller and faster but the club is still packed with party people and one of the clubs major draws is that entry is free on both nights however lockout does apply after 1am.

On Monday nights The Deen hosts a special event called Industry Night for those who work in hospitality and miss out on enjoying Northbridge on Friday and Saturday nights, so bring proof of occupation like a payslip and enjoy cheaper drinks and a good music.

The first of The Deen’s impressive 9 bars is located as soon as you enter the club in an entry room with some outdoor seating that is popular in the summer with another just off to the left in a warm European style room complete with lit fires. The third and fourth bars are on either side of the main dance floor, which is to the right of the entry room. This is the main hub of activity at The Deen with the DJ playing popular mainstream music and a small stage that’s always full of dancers. The largest bar lining one whole wall of the dance floor is not the fastest place to get a drink and is usually overcrowded and the bartenders are run off their feet. On the opposite wall is a smaller bar that is usually quieter and faster. Drink prices are fair by club standards with a vodka lemonade costing $8.50 but be warned there are no shots served after 1am.

If you head towards the back of the club and then veer left past the pool tables and the ATM, you will find the outside bars and dance floor. Featuring a live band playing popular music and often giving away tickets to some other small Perth events. Bars are on either side of the dance floor that is usually full of dancers and is a really great place to party in summer when the risk of being rained on is eliminated. There is also access via a staircase to the upstairs bars and dance floor that is available to hire for private events.

The Deen is not overly decorated or gimmicky but is a great honest nightclub. The atmosphere is energetic and bartenders are friendly and work as quickly as possible given the large number of clubbers that fill all the dance floors and pack out the club.

The Deen is a great night out whether you go on a Friday or a Saturday, and if you still feel like dancing after the club closes at 2am the Paramount nightclub is just a short walk away.

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A 4th Review of The Deen

Review by Lachlan Hall

The Deen is one of Northbridge’s most popular night spots. Billing itself as”Perth’s biggest party pub,” The Deen offers an awesome night out for people of anyvariety.

I went on a Saturday night, and as I arrived at 10.30 I had to pay a $5 cover charge(Saturday nights after 10 is the only time they charge an entre fee). The firstroom you walk into is the main bar, consisting of a large room with a 3 sided bar inthe middle. Drinks at the bar are fairly cheap, with most drinks around the $10 mark- but with some cheap beer and spirits offers. This bar was a good start point forthe night to get a drink in hand before setting out to explore the three dancefloors and 9 bars.

The biggest dance floor offers top 40 remixed type songs, but gets packed by 11pm witha half hour line to get in, so my advice would be to get in early to avoid the line.This dance floor has 2 bars, with the one running along an entire wall – if you goto this bar, however, you will get stuck in a line waiting for up to 10 minutes sohead to the smaller bar near the toilets to get served much faster.

If you love RnB or hip hop music, head to the outdoor dance floor. With live bandsand good DJs playing , as well as a great outdoors-typeatmosphere, I guarantee that this will live up to high expectations. However, withjust the one bar this is a definite down side as you will be waiting a long time toget your drinks – very frustrating if a favourite song comes on while you’restanding in line! This dance floor also get packed, but there aren’t any lines toget on.

My personal favourite dance floor of the night was the upstairs dance floor. Lesspacked then the other two, it allowed a bit of space for dancing, as well as shortlines at the bar. However, the best part of this area was the music. The DJ playsclassic party tunes from the 80’s and 90’s, with the bands like the Proclaimers, theSpice Girls and Abba coming on and bringing out the inner “dancing queen” fromeveryone.

The Deen brings in a huge variety of people. From just turned 18-year-olds going outfor the first time, to bar and nightclubs veterans returning for an excellent night,to slightly older people loving the upstairs area, you are guaranteed a fun nightwith a lack of aggression and anger that might normally be found in free entrynightclubs.

There are two issues with the Deen: one is the decor, and the other is the emptydrinks glasses and bottles on the floor of the main dance floor because people dropthem rather then walk to the side and put them on a table. The decor in most of theDeen is very basic, with plain wooden floorboards in most areas gives the place avery unsophisticated feel – but most of the people coming to the Deen are lookingfor a good, fun night out so it is easy to ignore the decor because you’re justhaving too good a time to care.

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