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The Deck Lounge and Bar

508 Flinders St, Melbourne,VIC
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Alfresco eating & drinking at its best. Order your favourite drink and take in the sweeping views from the open air deck while enjoying a selection of tasty tapas. The contemporary space boasts sleek design, stylish service & stunning city views right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

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The Deck Lounge and Bar Review

Review by Andrew Bishara

It was a Friday night, when my friends and I decided to search Melbourne city for a new venue. The location: King Street. It was then that we noticed the line that streamed from the alleyway next to the Waterside hotel. What was this fuss?

So after much debating, we joined the queue. As the line moved along quickly, we found that we had discovered The Deck. Climbing two flights of stairs, we can come to our destination. Situated at the rooftop of the Waterside Hotel, The Deck is ultimate nightclub.

A bold statement yes. But here’s why: the Deck is a laid back nightclub, both a place to party and chill. All ages are welcomed to the Deck, as you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with business people, young party-goers and mid-20’s individuals there to have a good time. More so, you will find that that all dress codes are acceptable, so you don’t have to worry about what to wear!

As we walked in, we understood why the Deck appeals to so many people: it provides both a nice relaxing place to have a couple of drinks, and to party hard on a ripping dance floor. As you find yourself at the top of the stairs, a left turn will take inside to the nightclub section; a right turn, will take you to the outside lounge.

We decided to dip our beaks in both sections. Turning left, there is an undercover convenient bar in the centre of the outside lounge. Grabbing a couple of drinks, we found sat down on the many couches and tables, surrounding the bar. It’s seriously a great spot to kick back, but as it got busier, we found it a struggle to find space.

And on the inside is where the party is at. The dance floor isn’t large, but it overlaps with the bar so there is more room than you think. We decided to settle in the party room. As the night worn on, the music starts to kick in – and boy – it’s good. Commercial music, is what’s it’s all about; so you’ll find yourself dancing from Rihanna to Calvin Harris to LMFAO! In a way it’s great; everyone knows the tunes that are being played, so everyone joins in!

But no fear! There are many more couches situated around the dance floor to rest your feet, if you danced too much (or drank too much!) But the big question: the drinks. You won’t find anything special at the Deck. You can get the regular beers (from Carlton Draught to Asahi) and the usual Scotch, Vodka and Bourbon. You won’t pay over the top: just the usual $9 for pints of beer and spirits with cokes and so on. But given there is no entrance fee it’s worth the value.

The Deck is a fantastic place to everyone. Party people will have a great time can stay the whole night long. They can even rest their feet, so they can get back on that dance floor. For those people seeking an relaxing time they have found their venue: decent drinks, nice laid back atmosphere and plenty of couches to chit chat away. The Deck is seriously the ultimate nightclub.

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A Second Review of The Deck Lounge and Bar

Review By Stepheanie Isherwood

The Deck is one of the few remaining bars in Melbourne where such a range of people can come together for a good night. Located upstairs on the corner of Flinders and King Streets (above the Waterside Hotel), The Deck is a favourite of the young crowd, and the older business crowd. This bar has a great Moroccan feel to it, as well as chandeliers to make you feel fancy. Half inside and half outside, The Deck allows patrons to get comfortable inside on the couches or outside on the bar stools and enjoy a few (albeit slightly on the expensive side) drinks while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Tapas style food and pizzas are available for nibbles with your drinks over the weekends, and while eating and drinking away, patrons can enjoy the wonderful views over Flinders Street, the Crown complex and Southbank that The Deck has to offer.

Various DJs entertain patrons on the dance floor, playing a range of music, described on their site as “smooth tunes and dance tracks.” This relaxed atmosphere is great if you are wanting to start your night out with a bit of style before heading somewhere else or if you’re planning for a chilled out night spent solely at The Deck.

The Deck is only open Thursday and Friday midday until late and Saturday 6pm until late, but is constantly alive and kicking throughout these hours, ensuring that no matter what time you visit The Deck, there’s a gret time to be had.

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A Third Review Of The Deck

Review By Damien Ratcliffe

Hidden away in an alley of King St is one of the hidden gems of Melbourne’s nightclubs, The Deck. Unlike any other club, The Deck, which is situated on top of a pub, is famous for its casual atmosphere and fun, dance environment.

The nightclub is made up of two parts: An inside area with a bar and dancefloor and a corner spot with couches on carpet, and also obviously a deck, which houses its own bar and provides seating and standing spots for all. The laid back set up on the deck provides for an enjoyable evening under the night sky, whilst allowing you to head indoors to “work your magic” on the dancefloor.

The Deck is a perfect venue for a group of mates to catch up and have a drink. It allows for those less social to chill with their friends in a quiet spot, and those party animals to bust some moves with the others. The Deck has no strict dress code, but is very much a “jeans and tee shirt” place for the guys.

The music is mostly commercial house and classic retro, and The Deck creates a suitable environment for any occasion, with regular party goers ageing between 18-25 years old.

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