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The Craftsman

1382 Albany Highway, Cannington, WA
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A new and improved venue located along the Albany Highway in Carousel Shopping Centre, Cannington, The Craftsman is a vibrant and lively bar that always has something to offer. With great food and fantastic theme nights you’ll be surprised just how quickly you become a fan of this new bar.

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The Craftsman Review

Review By Andrea Downey

In replacement of the dearly loved Foundry comes a new and vibrant bar called The Craftsman. Located in Carousel Shopping Centre, Cannington, this exciting little place provides entertainment, food and drinks for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. I have only had the pleasure of visiting The Craftsman once since it opened, but I promise you I will definitely be going back. With fun music and a great atmosphere needless to say it left a lasting impression.

I do have to say that my favourite part of the venue is the decor. It is comfortable. You wouldn’t feel out of place in jeans and a shirt but yet it still has enough class to allow you (especially us girls) to dress up a little. It goes for an Australian theme with corrugated iron features and wooden floors and benches in the bar area. The eating are is also relaxed, with tables ranging from a cosy date for two to a friendly catch up for many.

Speaking of the dining area brings me to the wonderful topic of the cuisine available at The Craftsman. Three simple words sum it up completely: it was amazing! Not only was the service quick but the food tasted great. I’ll admit I was a little sceptical about the food after it came out so quick but I was more than happy to eat my words (in a literal sense!) after my first mouthful. The only thing that makes the food even better is the price. You might have thought for food as good as this you would be paying an over the top price but think again! Most meals (for dinner) start at around $20 for a massive plate of food; they certainly don’t do things by halves. Drinks start at around $7 for a glass of wine, $9+ for a pint of beer and an average $8 for spirit mixers. It’s definitely not over-priced like other places I have visited before.

With great decor and amazing food, why not visit The Craftsman? It has an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming whilst still being vibrant and fun. I think it’s this combination that calls you back the next time. Just to add to the fun atmosphere the venue promotes specials like steak Tuesdays, seafood Wednesdays, traditional roast Sundays and let’s not forget the all-important theme nights! There is disco karaoke on Tuesday nights from 8pm; Thursday is the fun university cocktail party (with $9 cocktails!!), Friday night is host to the Ladies Lounge (a 25+ event) with prizes for the best dressed and Saturday night brings out some of the best cover bands around Perth for an all-out fun night of live music. I feel nothing else needs to be said about The Craftsman’s atmosphere as I’m sure you can tell that there is always something lively and fun going on.

The Craftsman’s convenient location on the outskirts of the shopping centre means it is perfect for any occasion like lunch with the girls during a heart pumping shopping trip, a catch up for drinks venue with friends or a date night venue for dinner and drinks before making your way up the shopping centre stairs to the cinema for a movie.

Whatever the occasion or night of the week The Craftsman has a fun and energetic vibe to attract people of all ages. Don’t just take my word for it! Get on down The Craftsman and experience this new and exciting bar.

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