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Beaufort St, Perth

The Court

50 Beaufort Street, Perth, WA
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Perth’s ultimate gay and lesbian venue. Open all week long the Court showcases the hottest DJs as well as drag shows, live bands and more. Enjoy a beer in our front bar, dance the night away on the pumping dance floor, enjoy the fresh air in the beer garden or party in the overflow. Dress to impress after 6pm.

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What to Expect @ The Court

By Fiona Brewer

Have you ever walked into a venue and felt like you were walking into another world? Going to The Court is like peering through the looking glass. Prepare to enter a world of ‘Tweedle-dees’ and ‘Tweedle-fabulous Darlings,’ and it’s definitely much more than a tea party with these MadHatters. This is place where you will truly have an interesting and memorable night. When you go to The Court be prepared to expect anything and embrace everything.

The Court is completely unique to any other venue and whilst the decor is pretty stock-standard it’s the personalities and atmosphere that makes this place what it is.

So The Court has been renovated recently and I must say they’ve done a good job. The venue can be divided up into three main parts each of them with their own dynamic. When you first enter, (and they’ve just installed an ID scanner so be prepared) there’s a very fashionable Victorian style front bar that’s very ‘kitch’ with a bit of drama. There’s red plush walls, chandeliers and then to bring you back down to earth – the good old pool tables in the corner. The space is friendly but it is only a teaser of what’s installed for you as you continue through the rabbit hole.

The next part of the labyrinth of The Court is a pseudo-disco room where if you want a night on the dance floor with fist pumping tunes and sweaty boogie beats then this is your destination. It’s a very small area with a young crowd and lots of energy. It’s a bit of stark contrast to the front bar’s, ‘local with a bit of culture’ vibe. This area involves podium dancing, jostling for space, and a lot of lip syncing to top twenty music

You think you’ve figured the place out?

So, you’ve met the locals, you’ve had a dance with the young-uns… ‘but then there is the backyard. This is the third and most interesting area of the whole venue where things start to get interesting. It is a metropolis of activity and people range from the Drag Queen of Hearts, to the

‘hetero-groupie’. We all know that The Court is an iconic gay and lesbian bar in Perth but it’s only when you reach the backyard does the bohemian and whimsical feeling really start to set in.

If you can imagine it then it exists in this area. This is the place where everything is happening and it’s such a shame that it’s such a journey to get there. There’s a great ‘sit-down’ area where you can view the circus-like happenings. The Drag Queens own the show, and I watched as three different drag queens strut their stuff.

There’s an awesome dance floor and alfresco bar where you will always strike up a conversation with a random so be prepared! The bar staff are friendly, the vibe is relaxed, and everyone is just out to have a good time. The one good things about this area is that you can have so many things going on at once. There’s “Amateur Drag Queen night,” on a Wednesday, a BBQ laid back on a Sunday and other nights it’s just simply get up their and strut your stuff, (on a cat walk style dance floor!).

In a nut shell, this bar is whole heap of fun. Prices are pretty average but they do serve ‘cheap and cheerful’ food, (the pizza is really good!). They have a wide range of spirits and cocktails and tap beer.

What makes the place so inviting would have to be part of the fact that there is no demographic at The Court. There is a pleasant mix of young and old and strangely enough everyone seems to coexist quite happily.

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