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The Caxton Hotel (Cauldron Bar)

8 Caxton St, Brisbane, QLD
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By day, the Cauldron is the perfect place for drinks with friends and by night, transforms into the ultimate party destination. A true sports bar with big plasmas and all the days sports action

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What to Expect @ The Caxton Hotel (Cauldron Bar)

By Sophie Burke

The Cauldron Bar, situated within one of Brisbane’s oldest licensed premises, The Caxton Hotel, is a well-renowned party hub nestled among buzzing Caxton Street’s trendy restaurants and bars, and only a stone’s throw (three minutes, in fact) from the Brisbane CBD.

Before and after Suncorp Stadium games, this is where the party’s at. The target demographic appears to be male businessmen aged 35+ during lunchtime, and footy lovers and party-goers of all ages during the evening. Upon entrance, the room’s aura glows overwhelmingly red and yellow – reflections of the numerous XXXX banners – and framed Maroon rugby memorabilia grace its walls, somewhat reminiscent of battled soldiers taking souvenirs of defeat during war. Suddenly, it hits you: the religion is footy, and The Cauldron is the place of worship.

Even though this is the place to be for the after-party, if you haven’t managed to score tickets to the Suncorp game in time, don’t fret – the Cauldron Bar screens your favourite matches on several huge plasma screens, as well as one giant projector in the centre of the room which broadcasts current sports, so you can relax with a XXXX (and for a pint of XXXX costing only $6.80, why not have a few!) So you can watch the game with beer in hand, and then let the after-party come straight to you.

Located on street level with no cover-charge, this open-set bar requires smart casual dress, and is equipped with wheelchair access, should patrons require. The Cauldron flows freely from room to room, allowing for maximum Queenslander atmosphere after games, or chic and comfortable catch-ups for friends during weekdays and weeknights. This versatile bar also transforms into a space appropriate for functions, so whatever your occasion calls for, you can be assured that the Cauldron – can and will – effortlessly adapt.

The Cauldron boasts plenty of stools and high tables, to cater for a maximum capacity of 150, as well as an extra long bar (accommodating several bar staff, for quick service) and features performances by local live bands on weekends, maintaining the electric atmosphere of the Cauldron and keeping the crowds hyped.

But if you happen to stop by the Cauldron for a weekday catch-up, the experience is just as memorable. Once you’ve had a few drinks whilst watching the all-day sports action, you can then wander downstairs to the Grill and take advantage of the 12-3pm $16.90 Lunch Rump meal deal. But don’t let the price fool you – these steaks are enormous, and are recommended only for those serious ‘carnivores’ of Brisbane.

The Cauldron does not sell meals, but does have bar snacks available for purchase. And don’t worry, the girls haven’t been forgotten – for any patrons on a girls’ night out, there are various cocktail platters available for purchase over the bar.

Even if you’re not a footy fanatic, The Cauldron Bar has great Queensland atmosphere and service, and is a great place to spend a night (however big or small) and watch a few games broadcast by Foxsports… But whatever you do, don’t ask them to change the channel.

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A 2nd Look @ The Caxton Hotel (Cauldron Bar)

By Pia Mulligan

As a Fortitude Valley/City club devotee, I had never even considered The Caxton Hotel when planning a night out. I was put off slightly after discovering that it is located, funnily enough, on Caxton Street – an area just a few minutes from the CBD, but with far less options to get there via public transport. Despite the inconvenience of having to catch two buses, I decided it was time to try something new and declared in my best 300 impression, “Tonight, we drink at the Caxton!”

Not having really planned our trip there, we discovered the hard way that the bus we were on (the 385) did not stop at the station right in front of our destination, instead pulling over to a stop that mustered a 10 minute walk to get back. Unfortunately, I decided to wear killer 6-inch platform heels that night and after the trek my feet weren’t exactly in the best condition for a night of dancing. So ladies, be warned: wear comfy shoes if you’re going to have a big night.

We decided to check out the Cauldron Bar first as it was the first entrance we came upon (and I was dying to sit down and give my feet a break). After choosing to sit at the high tables and stools towards the back of the room, instead of at the bar or the low table and chairs near the front, I soon realised dancing wasn’t really an issue here as there was no dance floor and only about seven other patrons.

Red and yellow “XXXX” bunting hung right across the large room, football was playing on a large projector and football memorabilia graced the walls. Sensing an emerging theme, a live band was suitably belting out hit after Aussie hit that a few friends in their 30’s were enthusiastically singing along to. Another group of friends also around the age of 30 were catching up over a few beers, while some younger boys with beer in hand stood chatting at the bar. Clearly, beer was a favourite and why wouldn’t it be priced at only $5.80? Basics and cocktails have standard prices, costing $6.90 and $16 respectively.

The Cauldron Bar is a typical Aussie venue, but with more class. The dress sense appeared to be smart casual and the mood was about catching up and having fun.

The emptiness did take some of the excitement and enjoyment out of the night, but I’m going to put that down to Friday night just not being The Cauldron Bar’s night. Otherwise, it’s a great place if you want to go out, but avoid the intensity of the Valley or city.

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