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Beaufort St, Perth

The Brisbane Hotel

292 Beaufort Street (Corner Brisbane Street), Highgate Perth, W A
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Hotel of the year 2005, 2007 and 2008. A previously decaying old icon has been transformed into a bustling and vibrant venue abundant in community cool but losing none of its values. The Brisbane is somewhat a reinvention of the classic pub, set in urban and contemporary surroundings.

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Review By Jayde Galvin

Lunch and drinks on a Sunday afternoon was my reason for visiting the Brisbane. The inside area that we were seated in was small and quaint. The sets of table and chairs were well spread, avoiding the common problem of not being able to get up without warning the person sitting at the other table behind you. Also this meant you were able to have your conversations at your table without screaming at each other.

The Brisbane Hotel’s interior has a modern, but edgy feel. The garden that is a popular place for a Sunday session is covered with wooden furniture and healthy greenery. The interior follows this look and feel, and it all works quite nicely.

Pizzas were ordered first and therefore delivered first to our table. They were delicious, crispy bases with beautiful toppings that pleased all twelve of us at the table. Drinks orders were taken from the table by a waitress, the hotel was not busy, but our drinks seem to take a while to appear after the order. This puzzled me, as the main meals were delivered to the table very quickly. Steaks, linguine, pasta specials, salmon, more pizza and sandwiches covered the table. Not one person at the table had a bad thing to say about the food, it was presented beautifully and tasted as good as it looked.

Desserts followed the main meals, quickly after order, meringues and donuts with chocolate and vanilla dipping, equally as tasty and satisfying as the main meals. More drinks, then off to the garden to continue the lazy Sunday. The garden at the Brisbane Hotel attracts a hugely diverse crowd; the people are so interesting. You could spend hours observing and looking around at the different people.We moved to the garden around four, and could not find a seat, which made it obvious that if you plan to get a table with some friends and have some drinks and tappers, arrival before four is a must on a Sunday. At the end of the afternoon the bill reflected nothing but what we had consumed, the drinks and food were both fairly priced. Overall, the afternoon was both enjoyable and interesting and pleased all of whom we were with.

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